Lugnano in Teverina Field School

The site of Lugnano features the largest Roman villa ever found in Umbria and is also the site of Italy's famous Cemetery of the Babies (Il cimitero dei bambini) where more than 50 infant victims of a mid-fifth century A.D. malaria epidemic were found along with remarkable examples of witchcraft practices, including the sacrifice of several dogs with their jaws ripped apart, a raven's talon, and several bronze cauldrons filled with ash. The villa itself dates to ca. 15 B.C. and featured a unique pyramid vaulted dining room.

For information on how to apply for the Lugnano Field School, please contact Dr. David Soren.

Photos: 1) A scene at the Lugnano site; 2) and 3) The famous "vampire" burial of a ten year old child with a stone forced into its mouth.