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Graduate Alumni

PhD  - Doctor of Philosophy

MA    - Master of Arts



Name Degree Semester Dissertation Title
Weber, Walter Ulrich MA Spring  
Waugh, Rebecca Jo MA Spring  
Vuckovic, Nancy Helen PhD Spring You do what you have to do: Cultural and sociocultural influences on self-medication behavior in the United States
Sagebiel, Kerry L MA Spring  
Rockman, Marcia Helen MA Spring Investigation of faunal remains and social perspectives on natural resource use in an 1867 Wyoming gold mining town
Moctezuma-zamarron, Jose Luis MA Spring  
Kunen, Julie Lynn MA Spring  
Ingimundarson, Jon Haukur PhD Spring Of sagas and sheep: Toward a historical anthropology of social change and production for market, subsistence and tribute in early Iceland (10th to the 13th century)
Hoff, Allison M MA Spring  
Hoerig, Karl Alfred MA Spring  
Guarino, Honoria M MA Spring Sex, Drugs, and Disease: A Gramscian Analysis of AIDS Discourse in the American Media
Gergen, Teresa Lynne MA Spring  
Cooper, Laurel Martine PhD Spring Space syntax analysis of Chacoan great houses
Chavarria, Sara P MA Spring  
Brenneman, Dale S MA Spring  
Ashkar, Shahira A MA Spring Faunal Material and the Uruk Expansion: A Look at Nine Sites in Greater Mesopotamia
Norcini, Marilyn Jane PhD Summer Edward P. Dozier: A history of Native-American discourse in anthropology
Jones, Timothy William PhD Summer Archaeology as archaeology
Defazio, Arthur Francis MA Summer  
Zorrilla Tessler, Eva Concepcion MA Fall  
Wood, Anita Hosford PhD Fall Economic change, ecological crisis and the human response in a Mexican fishing industry: The alta mar (offshore) shrimping industry of Guaymas, Sonora
Wildman, Derek E MA Fall  
Walker, William Howard PhD Fall Ritual prehistory: A pueblo case study
Vokes, Arthur W MA Fall  
Vasquez, Marcela PhD Fall Environmental adaptation, political coercion, and illegal behavior: Small-scale fishing in the Gulf of California
Valdez-Gardea, Gloria Ciria MA Fall  
Sherry,John William PhD Fall Systems of arrogance: Technology and the work of Navajo resistance
Saynes-Vazquez, Floria E MA Fall  
Morua Leyva, Maria del Carmen Agustina MA Fall  
Messing, Jacqueline Henriette E MA Fall The Simultaneity of Experience: Multiple Identities and Symbolic Uses of Language Among Mexican-Americans
Matsuki, Keiko PhD Fall Creating Showa memories in contemporary Japan: Discourse, society, history, and subjectivity
Kuhn, Meredith Green MA Fall Bottles, Buildings, and War: Metaphor and Racism in Contemporary German Political Discourse
Kravath, Caroline E MA Fall  
Kim, Joo-Kwan MA Fall  
Grimes, Kimberly M PhD Fall Negotiating borders: Social relations, migration processes and social change in Oaxaca, Mexico
Gann, Douglas Wayne MA Fall  
Forgash, Rebecca MA Fall Marine violence and the politics of meaning during the United States occupation of Haiti, 1915--1934
Dellacroce, Anthony MA Fall Zhoukoudian: A Synthesis of Research to Date
Curry, Dawn L MA Fall  


Name Degree Semester Dissertation Title
Wilkinson, Bernadette MA Spring Counseling battered women: Recommendations for a new approach
Taylor, John Mitchell MA Spring (Fill in blank) Homelessness and professional anthropology
Rankin, David R MA Spring  
O'Brien, Patrick Kevin MA Spring An experimental study of ground stone use-wear
Noll, Elizabeth O'Donnell MA Spring Three from the margins of anthropology: Hurston, Bohannan and Powdermaker
Mckim, Rebecca L MA Spring  
Macphee, Marybeth J MA Spring  
Li, Yung-Ti MA Spring  
Lastowka, Carol Anne Chase MA Spring At home and industriously employed: The Women's National Indian Association
Herr, Sarah A MA Spring Great Kivas as Integrative Architecture in the Silver Creek Community, Arizona
Galvez, Christopher Anne MA Spring  
Duvall, Tracy M MA Spring  
Ackermann, Rebecca Rogers MA Spring From calipers to computers: Three-dimensional imaging in forensic anthropology
Van Keuren, Scott MA Summer Design structure variation in cibola white ware vessels from Grasshopper and Chodistaas Pueblos, Arizona
Sugnet, Christopher Lee MA Summer  
Slawson, Laurie Vivian PhD Summer The relationship of environment and dynamic disequilibrium to Hohokam settlement along the Santa Cruz River in the Tucson Basin of southern Arizona
Sacks, Valerie Lynne MA Summer Talking about women and AIDS: Normative discourses on sexuality
Oleary, Anna M MA Summer  
Mcallister, Carlota Pierce MA Summer This pageant which is not won: The Rabin Ahau, Maya women, and the Guatemalan nation
Manthei, Jennifer Judith MA Summer Art of becoming: Space, time, and place in Editora Globo Comics' representation of Brazilian national identities
Kamat, Vinay Ramnath MA Summer  
Cummings, Laura Lee PhD Summer Que siga el corrido: Tucson pachucos and their times
Riggs, Charles Ross MA Fall Dating construction events at Grasshopper Pueblo: New techniques for architectural analysis
Loftsdottir, Kristin MA Fall The forbidden flesh: Cultural meanings of humans, animals, and the natural world
Huckell, Lisa Lynn Washbon MA Fall  
Fulfrost, Brian K MA Fall Four Hectares and a Hoe: Maragoli Smallholders and Land Tenure Law in Kenya
Bernache, Gerardo PhD Fall A diachronic study of household food acquisition and consumption strategies in central urban Mexico: An anthropological approach
Adams, Jenny Lou PhD Fall The development of prehistoric grinding technology in the Point of Pines area, east-central Arizona


Name Degree Semester Dissertation Title
Vanburen, Mary Lynn PhD Spring  
Smith, Adam Thomas MA Spring  
Shaw, Chester Worth PhD Spring Human responses to past climate, environment, and population in two Mogollon areas of New Mexico
Olson, Kimberly Brooke MA Spring  
Olson, Ernest George PhD Spring Conflict management in congregation and community in Tonga
Lorentzen, Leon Howard MA Spring  
Hassin, Jeanette PhD Spring Social identity, gender, and the moral self: The impact of AIDS on the intravenous drug user
Fox, Diana Joyce MA Spring Deep Ecology and the Environmental Crisis: An Anthropological Inquiry into the Viability of a Movement
Delapezuela, Gonzalo MA Spring  
Cederstrom, Thoric Nils PhD Spring The potential impacts of migrant remittances on agricultural and community development in the Mixteca Baja region of Mexico
Pitblado, Bonnie Lynn MA Summer  
Kroenke, Karin R MA Summer  
Keith, Kathryn E MA Summer  
Helm,Steven Keith MA Summer  
Bieger,Susanne Regine MA Summer Contraceptive knowledge and sexual behavior in female adolescents
Amanti,Cathy Bushnell MA Summer  
Tompkins,Charles Nichols MA Fall  
Stark,Miriam Thelma PhD Fall Pottery economics: A Kalinga ethnoarchaeological study
Levi,Laura Jane PhD Fall Prehispanic residence and community at San Estevan, Belize
Fulginiti,Laura Carr PhD Fall Discontinuous morphological variation at Grasshopper Pueblo, Arizona
Bubemyre,Trixi D MA Fall  
Feallock,Lynn O'Neill MA Fall  


Name Degree Semester Dissertation Title
Taylor, Katherine Markham MA Spring  
Smith, Andrea Lynn MA Spring Social memory and Germany's immigration crisis: A case of collective forgetting
Piper, Jessie C MA Spring Anthropology, Sustainability and the Case of Mexico's Sea Turtles
Miller-Antonio, Sari PhD Spring Lithic variability and the cultural elaboration of Upper Pleistocene North China
Mendoza, Ruben G PhD Spring Conquest polities of the Mesoamerican Epiclassic: Circum-Basin regionalism, A.D. 550-850
Mason, Lea Lorraine MA Spring  
Huxley, Angie Kay MA Spring Estimation of antemortem body weight from the talus
Hays, Kelley A PhD Spring  
Harrington, Richard James PhD Spring The relationship between cortical bone involution and fracture occurrence in an affluent aging American white population
Gonzalez, Norma E PhD Spring Child Language Socialization in Tucson U.S Mexican Households 
Coffey, Courtney MA Spring  
Brewis, Alexandra Avril PhD Spring Age and infertility: An ethnodemographic study from Butaritari Atoll, Kiribati
Montgomery, Barbara Klie PhD Summer Understanding the formation of the archaeological record: Ceramic variability at Chodistaas Pueblo, Arizona
Mcintyre, Christopher Robert MA Summer Understanding the formation of the archaeological record: Ceramic variability at Chodistaas Pueblo, Arizona
Bohon, Elizabeth Hammond MA Summer Regular: A politically motivated definition
Yarborough, Clare Mcjimsey PhD Fall Teotihuacan and the Gulf Coast: Ceramic evidence for contact and interactional relationships
Wheeler, Kathleen Louise PhD Fall The characterization and measurement of archaeological depositional units: Patterns from nineteenth-century urban sites in Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Shipley, Trent C MA Fall  
Sabbagh, Entisar Albanna PhD Fall Neither an immigrant nor a visitor: An interactional study of the adaptation to temporary residence by Arabic-speaking students in the American culture
Muranaka, Therese PhD Fall The Russian Molokan Colony at Guadalupe, Baja California: Continuity and change in a sectarian community
Mabry, Jonathan Blum PhD Fall Alluvial cycles and early agricultural settlement phases in the Jordan Valley
Feallock, Lynn O'Neill MA Fall "Justified on a scientific basis": Fetal protection policies, sex discrimination, and the selective use of evidence in labor law
Duncan, Faith Louise  PhD Fall Botanical reflection of the encuentro and the Contact Period in southern Marin County, California
Doolittle, Christopher John MA Fall  
Cabrera-Mereb, Claudine PhD Fall The biocultural profile of a population at risk in the U.S.-Mexico border
Baker, Jeffrey Lee MA Fall


Name Degree Semester Dissertation Title
Young, Cynthia Ann MA Spring  
Wilson, Douglas Calvin PhD Spring Structure and dynamics of household refuse: Archaeological approaches to characterization and estimation
Williams, Jack Stephen PhD Spring Architecture and defense on the military frontier of Arizona, 1752-1856
Ventres, William Brainerd MA Spring Resuscitative decision making: Ethnographic perspectives
Smith, Maree Lee MA Spring  
Schnabl, Emily Jessica MA Spring  
Robbins, Helen Alexandra Ridgely MA Spring  
Poncelet, Eric C MA Spring The Japanese Family/Firm Analogy: A Critical Analysis
Nash, Stephen E MA Spring Curation during the Middle Paleolithic: A Reasonable Research Focus?
Mccormick, M. Melissa MA Spring  
Lohn, Christina MA Spring Women's medical knowledge and health care practices concerning the most common respiratory illnesses. A case study of a rural community in northern Germany
Haynes, Cindy MA Spring  
Harrison, William R MA Spring  
Goldstein, Daniel Marc MA Spring  
Czuzak, Maria Helen MA Spring  
Cook, Patricia M MA Spring Residential Architecture on Albion Island, Belize
Chen, Wei-chun MA Spring  
Cameron, Catherine Margaret PhD Spring Architectural change at a Southwestern pueblo
Bennett, Marjorie A MA Spring Anthropology and the Literature of Political Exile: A Consideration of the Works of Czeslaw Milosz, Salman Rushdie, and Anton Shammas
Aoyagi, Hiroshi MA Spring Social organization and the technology of communication: A case study of the association between character transformation and bureaucratic expansion in ancient China
Tani, Masakazu PhD Summer Extending the methodological potential for archaeological interpretations: A small site analysis
Light, Sara Merl MA Summer  
Kojo, Yasushi PhD Summer Rethinking methods and paradigms of ceramic chronology
Hall, Barbara Ann PhD Summer Domestic refuse and residential mound formation in La Mixtequilla, Veracruz, Mexico
Dufort, Molly Elizabeth PhD Summer Discourse practice, knowledge, and interaction in Tohono O'odham health and illness
Besteman, Catherine Lowe PhD Summer Land tenure, social power, and the legacy of slavery in southern Somalia
Tapia, Javier Campos PhD Fall Cultural reproduction: Funds of knowledge as survival strategies in the Mexican-American community
Mccaston, M. Katherine MA Fall  
London, Scott B MA Fall Community Mediation and Gender Ideology
Bierwirth, Susan Linton PhD Fall Lithic analysis in Southwest France: Middle Paleolithic assemblages from La Quina (Charente)


Name Degree Semester Dissertation Title
Vuckovic, Nancy Helen MA Spring Things that are good and things that are chocolate: A cultural model of weight control as morality
Todd, Amy Colwell MA Spring  
Sherry, John William MA Spring Conversational analysis of microcomputer software: The role of customer support
Nelson, Albert Russell MA Spring  
Lauer, Jennifer Ann MA Spring  
LaBore, Catherine MA Spring Can we deconstruct "race" in the public discourse?
Kahana, Zipora Lichter MA Spring  
George, Melissa Walker MA Spring  
Fang, Ying MA Spring Marriage transaction in contemporary China
Douglas, John E PhD Spring Regional interaction in the Northern Sierra: An analysis based on the late prehistoric occupation of the San Bernardino Valley, southeastern Arizona
Deaver, William Lloyd MA Spring  
Copas, Wesley Job MA Spring  
Clark, Jeffery Jerome MA Spring  
Burton, Jeffery Franz MA Spring  
Vasquez, Marcela MA Summer  
Freeman, Andrea Kellylee MA Summer  
Chapin-Pyritz, Regina L MA Summer  
Acheson, Julianna MA Summer Putting rungs on the ladder: Portuguese emigration, return migration and the restructuring of northern rural society
Skibo, James Matthew PhD Fall Use-alteration of pottery: An ethnoarchaeological and experimental study
Seymour, Deni Joanne PhD Fall A methodological perspective on the use and organization of space: A case study of Hohokam structures from Snaketown, Arizona
Nichols, Waltraud M MA Fall  
Lepkin, Murray Scott MA Fall  
Islas, Melinda D MA Fall "The Blood Speaks"--Maya Ritual Sacrifice
Hoffman, Juerena Ruth MA Fall  
Freitas, Halley Helene Eisner MA Fall AIDS and the perception of risk in college women: An inquiry into the effectiveness of AIDS education
Farrell, Mary Margaret MA Fall  
Brown, Linda Joye MA Fall  
Archer, Gavin Harry MA Fall Artifact size and freqency in the analysis of Hohokam habitation refuse using a high resolution method