SW Center Seminar Features Sheridan, Green, Reineke, and Crocker

The Southwest Center and the Amerind Museum will cohost the virtual seminar “The Border and Its Bodies: The Embodiment of Risk in the U.S.-México Borderlands.” Professor Thomas Sheridan will moderate the panel and discussions. Panelists are SoA alums Drs. Robin Reineke and Rebecca Crocker (both Ph.D. 2016) and Professor Linda Green, along with Vicki Gaubeca, Director of the Southern Border Communities Coalition. The seminar begins at 12:00 p.m. (Arizona time) and Zoom registration is required. Learn more, register, and watch an introductory video featuring Dr. Sheridan here: https://swc.arizona.edu/events/border-and-its-bodies-embodiment-risk-us-...


Noon April 30, 2021