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ASM Zoom Lecture, Featuring Drs. Paul and Suzanne Fish: "The Archaeology of Tucson's Iconic Tumamoc Hill"


Jun 26 2020 - 9:30am

Friday, June 26, 2020
9:30 a.m. (Arizona time) via Zoom

A Free Lecture by Drs. Paul and Suzanne Fish, SoA Professors Emeriti and Curators Emeriti of Archaeology, Arizona State Museum

Rising 700 feet above the Santa Cruz River floodplain, Tumamoc Hill is an enduring landmark and iconic presence on the Tucson landscape. It was visited by successive inhabitants of the Tucson Basin, beginning prior to the agricultural era (ca. 2100 BCE).  Artifacts and rock art are material reminders of this long history. Tumamoc Hill fits the broad regional category of a "trincheras site" as defined by stone architecture and a hilltop location. The remains of two villages, occupied about 300 BCE and again at 500 CE, covered the summit area within a set of massive walls and terraces totaling 1.9 kilometers. Both villages date to a time before the appearance of the distinctive Hohokam sequence. In this lecture, Drs. Paul and Suzanne Fish review the archaeology of Tumamoc Hill based on their own excavations and research, and discuss the beloved icon's unique features and significant location.

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