AGUA: Anthropology Graduate Students at the University of Arizona



The Anthropology Graduate Students at the University of Arizona (AGUA) is a graduate student organization that promotes cooperation and cohesion among anthropology graduate students, the exchange of ideas across the sub-fields within our department, and provides a forum for discussing student concerns and taking action to address these concerns.

The mission of AGUA is to operate as the connective tissue that links the activities, interests and events of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates in the School of Anthropology at the University of Arizona. An organization run exclusively by graduate students, AGUA’s primary mission is to develop cohesion among its constituents and promote and foster academic excellence for the various parties with which it interfaces. In addition to liaising between the faculty and students, AGUA’s other primary function consists of promoting networking among graduate students among the four sub-disciplines (archaeology, biocultural, cultural, and linguistic anthropology) and bringing in distinguished scholars from all over the academic world to speak and share their scholarship. Events like the AGUA Lecture Series, AGUA Annual Picnic and Professionalization Workshops are the central nodes around which the trajectory of AGUA is based and each year we strive to replicate and build on the excellence of the previous cohort.



Keep an eye out for email announcements on the anthgrad listserv with details for our monthly meetings. All SoA graduate students are encouraged to join us to discuss upcoming AGUA events and any SoA issues or concerns. Have an idea for an agenda item? Be sure to submit them in advance so we can keep our meetings running smoothly.



Your 2018–2019 AGUA Board




Rachel Rosenbaum


Mairead Poulin

Vice President and
Web Master

Gita Gnanadesikan


Grace Steig


Izzy Stein

Fundraising Chair

Kelsey Hanson and
Paula Ugalde

Lecture Series Co-Chairs

Paula Ugalde

International Student Representative

Mariah Claw, Amanda Lee,
and Allison Stuewe



If you would like to contact us as a group, send us an email at

If you would like to submit anonymous feedback, please do so with this Google Form.

Submissions will be reviewed at our monthly meetings.