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2021–2022 School of Anthropology Lecture Series

All lectures are at 2:00 p.m.

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16 September 2021

Adair G. Steig, 2021 Dozier Award Recipient

Ecology of the Possible: Climate Change and Forest Management. Via Zoom

30 September 2021

Dr. Justin Dunnavant, UCLA

Have Confidence in the Sea: Archaeologies of Marronage. Via Zoom

14 October 2021

Dr. Robin Reineke, Southwest Studies Center 

Forensic Citizenship Among Families of Missing Migrants Along the U.S.-Mexico Border. Via Zoom

21 October 2021 Dr. Ruth Jolie, ASM Examining Sexual Consent Education in Higher Education: A faculty-guided ethnographic study at a liberal arts university. Via Zoom
28 October 2021 Dr. Hilary Parsons Dick, Arcadia University Reprivatizing Domestic Violence in US Asylum Claims: Discriminatory Ontologies of Migration in the Matter of A-B-. Via Zoom
4 November 2021 Dr. Sonya Atalay (UMass Amherst), AGUA Distinguished Lecture An Archaeology Led by Strawberries: Reclaiming, Storywork, and Indigenous Wellbeing. Via Zoom
2 December 2021 Dr. Leonardo López Luján, INAH Archaeology of Tenochtitlan: Unearthing the Aztec Great Temple. Via Zoom
9 December 2021 Jordan Wilson, 2021 Dozier Award Recipient Negotiating Infant Personhood in Death: Interpreting atypical burials in the Late Roman Infant and Child Cemetery at Poggio Gramignano (Italy). Via Zoom