J. Stephen Lansing

Professor Emeritus of Anthropology

About J. Stephen Lansing

Home page www.slansing.org

On Leave for Fall 2013 and Spring 2014

Director, Complexity Center, School of Anthropology

Senior Research Fellow, Stockholm Resilience Centre (http://www.stockholmresilience.org/)

External Professor, Santa Fe Institute (http://www.santafe.edu/)

Adjunct Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona



Selected Publications

Perfect Order: Recognizing Complexity in Bali. Princeton University Press, 2006. Julian Steward Award,2007.

Priests and Programmers: Technologies of Power in the Engineered Landscape of Bali. Princeton University Press, 1991. Revised 2nd edition 2007. J.I. Staley Prize, School for Advanced Research.

The Balinese. New York: Harcourt Brace, 1994. Video: Perfect Order: A Thousand Years in Bali. Download from http://www.wholeearthfilms.com/lansing_stephen.html#

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Courses Taught

At the University of Arizona Lansing created and regularly teaches two graduate

courses, Complexity and Social Theory and History of Anthropological Theoryas well

as two undergraduate lecture classes, Introduction to Cultural Anthropology and

Ecological Anthropology.


 Chief adviser to the Government of Indonesian for the creation of a UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Landscape for the subaks and water temples of Bali


Research Interests

Ecology, complexity and social theory; indigenous systems of resource management, complex adaptive systems; sustainability science; Indonesian ethnography; ethnographic film; Indonesia