J. Jefferson Reid

Professor Emeritus of Anthropology
University Distinguished Professor

About J. Jefferson Reid

J. Jefferson Reid, a southwestern archaeologist, directed the University's Archaeological Field School at Grasshopper (1979-1992) and was editor of American Antiquity (1990-1993). His forty seasons of fieldwork range from large, prehistoric pueblo ruins of the American Southwest and temple mounds in the Southeast to Mayan pyramids. His research includes the method, theory, and philosophy of reconstructing past human behavior and culture; the Mogollon culture of the Arizona mountains; the historical period of southern Arizona, and the fascinating history of southwestern archaeology. View J. Jefferson Reid’s curriculum vitae (pdf).

Research Interests

Behavioral archaeology, method and theory for reconstructing prehistory, historical archaeology, American Southwest. Analysis of 30 years of fieldwork in Grasshopper region of east-central Arizona; coordinator of historical archaeology emphasis. View a Grasshopper Bibliography (pdf) here.