Recent Publications: Watson and Haas Publish in Science Advances

Nov. 6, 2020

James Watson, ASM associate curator and UA associate professor of anthropology, and SoA alum Randall Haas (Ph.D. Arizona, 2014; Assistant Professor at UC Davis) are part of a multidisciplinary research team published in the Nov 4 issue of Science Advances. The article, “Female hunters of the early Americas,” describes the recent discovery of a 9000-year-old female hunter burial from the highland Andes in Peru. This discovery is accompanied by a meta-analysis of early burial practices across the Americas and reveals non-gendered labor in the early Americas with females as big-game hunters. This work overturns the long-held “man-the-hunter” hypothesis and is particularly timely considering contemporary conversations around gendered labor practices and inequality. In addition, a digital reconstruction of a female hunter scene produced by the graphics department at UC Davis appears on the cover of the issue. Read the article here.

Note: Please be aware that the article contains images of human remains.


Anthro News Digest date: 11//06/2020