Recent Publications: New Kiva Issue Includes Article by Jolie

July 8, 2022

Dr. Edward A. Jolie, Clara Lee Tanner Associate Professor of Anthropology, has a new article just published: “Basketry Shields of the Prehispanic Southwest” appears in the latest issue of Kiva, the journal of the Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society (AAHS). The abstract appears below; find the online, preprint article at: AAHS members can access the article through the AAHS website:

Abstract: Indigenous American shield-making traditions are best known among the peoples of the Plains and Southwest cultural provinces, where shields were used in martial and ceremonial contexts. In these regions, shields are frequently represented in images cross-cutting a range of visual media including rock and mural paintings, and pictographs and petroglyphs, some of which exhibit considerable antiquity. Actual shields, however, are almost unknown archaeologically. This article presents new data resulting from an analysis five coiled basketry shields recovered from archaeological sites in the northern Southwest.