Recent Publications: Hasaki Coedits Volume: Archaeology and Economy in the Ancient World

Jan. 22, 2021

Eleni Hasaki (Associate Professor Anthropology/Classics) coedited a volume with Martin Bentz (University of Bonn, Germany) titled Reconstructing Scales of Production in the Ancient Greek World: Producers, Processes, Products, People. The volume stemmed from a conference panel Hasaki and Bentz co-organized in Bonn in 2018 for the 19th International Congress of Classical Archaeology. This peer-reviewed collection includes eight chapters covering organization of production in ceramic and mosaic industries from the Bronze Age to the Classical periods, architectural energetics studies on funerary monumental architecture in palatial contexts, and a Classical city’s estimated consumption of ceramics. Ancient economy expert Peter Acton, author of Manufacturing in Classical Athens (Oxford 2014), provided a response. Hasaki contributed a co-authored article titled “Social Network Analysis and Connoisseurship in the Study of Athenian Potters’ Communities,” with results from the SNAP project. The volume is open access. (Anthro News Digest date: 01/22/2021)