Recent Publications: Douglass Co-Authors with Society for American Archaeology

Nov. 23, 2020
John Douglass photo

Adjunct Professor of Anthropology John Douglass recently published with colleagues two pieces in different venues of the Society for American Archaeology. John Douglass and Sarah Herr (Ph.D. Arizona, 1999; Desert Archaeology) recently published a piece in the SAA Archaeological Record on their survey results of the effects of the pandemic on the Cultural Resource Management community. A version of this paper was presented to the SoA lecture series in September. Much like in academia, the pandemic has changed the ways we conduct cultural resource management. In addition, John Douglass recently co-edited, and co-authored the introductory article in, a special issue of the peer reviewed journal Advances in Archaeological Practice that focused on creative mitigation. This special issue brought together an international team of scholars from academia, federal agencies, State and Tribal Historic Preservation Offices, non-profits, and industry to consider how best to mitigate adverse effects to signficiant archaeological sites around the world. Thanks to the generous funding from Douglass’ client, the Arizona Army National Guard, the entire journal issue is Gold Open Access and available for free download to the public, a first for any of the Society for American Archaeology journals. (Anthro News Digest date: 11/20/2020)