Recent Publications: Alumni Collaborate on Article in Issue Co-Edited by Carney

March 1, 2021

SOA alums, Rebecca Crocker (2016) and Robin Reineke (2016), together with their colleague from La Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo León, Dr. María Elena Ramos Tovar just published an article documenting their results from a qualitative study investigating the embodied emotional and health impacts on family members of missing Mexican migrants. This piece builds on Dr. Reineke's long-time work in the field of death and disappearance along the border, was supported by the Colibri Center for Human Rights, and funded by the Programa de Investigación en Migración y Salud (PIMSA). “Ambiguous Loss and Embodied Grief Related to Mexican Migrant Disappearances” forms part of a dedicated issue of Medical Anthropology on immigrant mental health co-edited by SOA's Dr. Megan Carney(Anthro News Digest date: 2/12/2021)