Latest News from Bizmoune Cave, Morocco

Dec. 3, 2021


Ismail and Jalil at destroyed bridge
Isma, Jalil, and destroyed bridge

For those interested in new Paleolithic discoveries in Morocco by Steve Kuhn, Fred A. Riecker Professor of Anthropology, Regents’ Professor Mary Stiner, and their dear friend and colleague, Abdujalil (Jalil) Bouzzouggar, here are some international news feeds (YouTube, in French but easily understandable) featuring:

Jalil Bouzzouggar is the fellow wearing the khaki shirt and, elsewhere, a nice suit and glasses. The dapper older gentleman featured prominently is senior adviser to the King of Morocco, Mr. André Azoulay, who is also notable for being a great friend to archaeology.

We are very proud of Jalil, Mary, and Steve! The site is finally getting the international attention it deserves, not least as the source of the oldest well-dated shell beads in the world.

Anthro News Digest date: 12/03/2021