Alumni News: Borck (2016) and SoA Affiliates Publish Article and Book Chapter

July 15, 2022
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Lewis Borck (Ph.D. 2016), along with lead author Mary Ownby (research associate) and co-author Jeffery Clark (adjunct associate professor), as well as Jeffrey Ferguson and Deborah Huntley, have published an article titled “Combining big data and thick data: scalar issues when integrating neutron activation and petrographic data as illustrated through a ceramic study from the southern US Southwest“ in the Journal of Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences. Additionally, Borck published a book chapter titled “Migration from the Middle: Pueblo III Migration Episodes and Patterns of Violence in the Gallina Highlands“ (link: in the 2022 edited volume Stewards of the Forest: Papers in Honor of J. Michael Bremer and Anne R. Baldwin. The edited volume also contains an introductory biographical contribution by J. Michael Bremer (B.S. SoA 1978) and Anne R. Baldwin, both of whom received their undergraduate degree from the University of Arizona and worked for the University’s contract archaeology division. No tea is spilled, but lots of well-known names from the School’s history are amply represented.