Dr. Jang-Sik Park will be a Visiting Scholar in the School of Anthropology from July 2014 until February 2015 and is the Summer 2014 University Indian Ruins Residential Scholar. He is on a sabbatical leave from Hongik University in South Korea, where is a Professor of Metallurgical Engineering. Professor Park is the major authority on the historical development of metallurgy in Korea, and in the last few years has expanded into archaeometallurgical projects in Mongolia and... Read more

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The 4th Parrhasian Heritage Park Field School took place July 7–21, 2014 in Ano Karyes, Arcadia, Greece. Twelve student participants included eight Greek university students (mostly students of cultural heritage management and new technologies from the University of Patras) and four US university students (students of architecture, landscape architecture, and ancient history from the University of... Read more
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The UA/Archaeology Southwest Preservation Archaeology Field School recently returned from a productive field season in Mule Creek, New Mexico. Field school students came from twelve different colleges and universities around the country, and included eleven undergraduates supported by the NSF REU program (including SoA undergraduate Riley Duke) and three graduate students. Project... Read more
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Ph.D. student Danielle Adams was an invited speaker at the tenth “Oxford” International Symposium on Archaeoastronomy and Cultural Astronomy, which took place in Cape Town, South Africa, July 14–18, 2014. She presented a paper titled “Multivalent Stars, Clouded Expertise: A Genealogy of Arab Celestial Complexes in Abbasid Astronomical... Read more

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Professor of Anthropology Vance Holliday and eight co-authors (seven of whom have UA ties) published a paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences after six years of research in Northern Sonora: “A Human (Clovis)/Gomphothere (Cuvieronius sp.) Association ~13,390 cal years BP in Sonora, Mexico.”... Read more

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Many thanks go out to Paulette M. Coulter (M.A. Arizona, 1974), who as a graduate student in anthropology at UA received a small grant to visit Nancy Modiano, Ph.D., in Mexico City. Ms. Coulter generously wished “to repay that $1000 to provide some assistance to another graduate student,” and has made a contribution in the same amount to the SoA scholarship fund.

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Saul Hedquist (Ph.D. Candidate, Archaeology) and E. Charles Adams (Professor of Anthropology and Curator of Archaeology, Arizona State Museum) have been awarded a Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant for $19,684 by the National Science Foundation. The award supports Saul’s research investigating pre-Hispanic uses of turquoise in the Western Pueblo region of the U.S. Southwest. The project’s abstract is provided... Read more

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Applied Archaeology student and Society for American Archaeology Public Education Committee (PEC) member Brian Harmon is co-administrator of the Network of State Coordinators Facebook page. State Coordinators are volunteer liaisons providing information to the PEC about archaeological activities available to the public and... Read more

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Associate Professor Emma Blake co-organized, with Christopher Smith of the British School at Rome and Stéphane Bourdin of the Ecole Francaise de Rome, a one-day workshop titled “Identity Problems in Early Italy.” This workshop, the second in a series that Blake, Bourdin, and Smith launched last year, focused on the Orientalizing... Read more

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Adjunct Assistant Professor of Anthropology Jesse Ballenger (Ph.D. Arizona, 2010) has been named as one of today’s Monuments Men and Women for his efforts to reinforce the ancient city of Hatra in Iraq. Dr. Ballenger learned of the honor June 26, when the COCOM Cultural Heritage Action Group (CCHAG) contacted him to inform him that the city has been taken over by ISIS fighters. Read more about the CCHAG Monuments Men and Women of Today... Read more

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