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Education: University of Wisconsin - Madison: Ph.D. Anthropology and History 1983. M.A. Agricultural Economics 1982. M.A. Anthropology 1977. McGill University, Montreal, Canada: B.A. 1st Class Honors in Anthropology and Philosophy 1974. University of Bergen, Norway: Studied Anthropology 1971-2. Languages: Arabic, English, French, Norwegian (have also studied Hebrew, Latin, Greek, German, Russian and Tachelhyt). Books: 2006 with Aomar Boum. Historical Dictionary of Morocco. Second Edition. Revised and roughly doubled in size expansion of Park 1996. Scarecrow Press / University Presses of America, Lanham, Md. 1996 Historical Dictionary of Morocco. Scarecrow Press / University Presses of America, Lanham, Md. 1993 Risk and Tenure in Arid Lands: the political ecology of development in the Senegal River Basin. Edited. University of Arizona Press, Arid Lands Development Series. Recent Grants: 2001 Received $45,000 from NSF in March 2002 for a conference for the Six Cities Project. Conference was held in Dakar, Senegal 6-10 January, 2003. 1999-2003 PI (Mamadou Baro, Gary Christopherson and Stuart Marsh co-PIs) received $499,735 (from NSF) for research to develop a methodology to build a broad picture of urbanization in Africa and its impact on the natural resources of urban hinterlands through the use of remote sensing imagery, urban classification, and household level research focusing on the poorer segments of six cities (Marrakech, Dakar, Bamako, Niamey, Dodoma and Gaborone).

Married to Claire Campbell Park,

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Areas of Study

North Africa, the Sahel, sub-saharan Africa

environmental and urban issues, 19th and 20th century history and historiography, economics and development, credit: ancient to the present, philosophy and social science theory


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Research Interests

Urbanization in Africa and the Middle East, complexity theory, economic theory, mathematical methodologies in anthropology and history, the history of credit, flood recession agriculture, the Sahara, the Sahel, North Africa, development, economic history, North African Arabic archives, bureaucracy in Africa and the Middle East, colonialism & imperialism, anthropology of law, Islam, land tenure, 18th to 21st C European philosophy, foragers in arid lands, pastoralism, Pyrrhonic skepticism, political ecology.

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Associate Professor of Anthropology, Associate Professor (MENAS), Assoc. Research Anthropologist (BARA)
Telephone: 520.621.2632
Fax: 520.621.2088
Office: Geronimo Building, Room 316


Ph.D. Anthropology and History 1983; M.A. Agricultural Economics 1982, U Wisconsin - Madison.

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