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I am a PhD candidate focusing on the archaeology of the Puebloan Southwest.  My regions of focus are  the Homol’ovi Settlement Cluster of northeast Arizona and Chaco Canyon in northwestern New Mexico. The large, contiguous structures of these regions allow me to investigate the population dynamics, ritual activities, and spatial signatures of the processes of aggregation, coalescence, and depopulation and their association with expressions of social identity, memory, and power.

Selected Publications

Fladd, Samantha G.

2017    Social syntax: An approach to spatial modification through the reworking of space syntax for archaeological applications. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 47:127–138.

Tankersley, Kenneth Barnett, Nicholas P. Dunning, Jessica Thress, Lewis A. Owen, Warren D. Huff, Samantha G. Fladd, Katelyn J. Bishop, Stephen Plog, Adam S. Watson, Christopher Carr, and Vernon L. Scarborough*

2016    Evaluating Soil Salinity and Water Management in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 9:94-104.

Adams, E. Charles and Samantha G. Fladd

2014    Composition and Interpretation of Stratified Deposits in Ancestral Hopi Villages at Homol’ovi. Archaeological  and Anthropological Sciences

Courses Taught

ANTH 160A: Patterns in Prehistory

ANTH 347: Native Peoples of the Southwest

Areas of Study

Southwest United States


Rock Art Ranche Field School (TA)

Arizona State Museum (GRA)

Robert's Great House Project in Chaco Canyon (Crew Chief)

Chaco Research Archive (

Research Interests

Architecture, Spatial Analysis, Ritual and Religion, Depositional Patterning, Social Identity, Social Memory, Power, Homol'ovi, Chaco Canyon

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M.A. - University of Arizona (2012)

B.A. - University of Virginia (2009) with majors in Anthropology and Archaeology