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My research is focused on the history and urban geography of Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki is currently the second capital of Greece, but was previously the second capital of the Ottoman empire. I am interested in tracing Thessaloniki's transformation from an Ottoman port city to a Greek city. In my research I hope to trace the transformaiton of regimes of gender and sexuality from Ottoman times to the present, with a focus on the history of transgender sex work. I hope to take a transgender-centric approach to the intersections of anthropology, history, and urban geography, from the 19th century to the present.

Selected Publications

"'Even A Freak Like You Would Be Safe in Tel Aviv': Transgender Subjects, Wounded Attachments, and the Zionist Economy of Gratitude" in Women's Studies Quarterly, Special Issue: Debt. Volume 42: 1 & 2. 278-293.

"Thrice A Stranger: Hellenism, Kemalism, Zionism," in Athens Institute for Education and Research paper series.

"When Are You Not An Anthropologist?" in Arizona Anthropologist.


Areas of Study

Historical Anthropology - Urban Geography - Gender and Sexuality - Transgender Studies - Colonialism and Imperialism - Nationalism - Historical Memory - Ottoman history - Greek-Turkish relations - Neoottomanism

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Anthropology and Middle East Studies Dual PhD


2014- MA- Anthropology The New School for Social Research

2008- BA- History with Honors Brown University

2008- Undergraduate Teacher Education Program- Social Studies Brown University