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Ran Chen

About Ran Chen

I'm a Ph.D. student in the Archaeology program. I was born and raised in Zhejiang Province, China, and got my B.A. in Antiquity and Museology at Zhejiang University with a minor in Japanese. I received my M.A. from Stanford University with a subplan on Chinese Archaeology. Currently, my study is mainly focused on the subsistence strategies and foodways in Prehistoric China. I'm also interested in lithic analysis and studies of human-environment interactions. Besides my major interest of China, luckily, I also had chances to involve in the CVAP and ACLQ Chinese Railroad worker programs and the residue analysis of samples from Copan, Honduras when I was at Stanford. 

Selected Publications

Hong Chen, Ran Chen. 2016. Individual Behavior and Social Transformation: Agency Approach in Archaeology 个人行为与社会变迁:考古学中的能动性研究. Southeast Culture 东南文化, no. 3, pp.23-29 (Peer-reviewed in Chinese).




In press    Peter L. Storck.Journey to the Ice Age: Discovering an Ancient World 冰河时代之旅:发现古代世界 (with Hong Chen & Jiying Liu).

2019    Guangdong Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, Guangdong Qiaoxiang Cultural Research Center at Wuyi University, Stanford Archaeology Center. The Transnational Lives of Chinese Railroad Workers: Material Culture Research from a Guangdong Province Qiaoxiang and Railroad Worker Camp Sites in North America 铁路华工的跨国生活:广东侨乡和北美铁路华工营的物质文化研究 (with Jiajing Wang & Yahui He).


Fong, B. (2019). Making Ties - The Cangdong Village Project联结:仓东村项目 Available at: [Accessed 19 Apr. 2019].(With Yahui He)

Courses Taught

2020 Fall ANTH 170C2 Animal Minds (TA)

2019 Fall & 2020 Spring ANTH160D2 Diversity of Human Origins (Grader)

Areas of Study

China, East Asia

Research Interests

Prehistoric Archaeology in China; Use-wear Analysis; Botanical Residue Analysis (Starch, Phytolith, Fiber); Experimental Archaeology; Archaeological Theory

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Contact Information


B.A.  (2017) in Antiquity & Museology, minor in Japanese, Zhejiang University, China

M.A. (2019) in Chinese Archaeology, Stanford University, CA, USA