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Rachel Rosenbaum

About Rachel Rosenbaum

Rachel is a PhD student in Sociocultural Anthropology. Her research interests geographically focus in the Middle East, specifically Lebanon. For her Master's research, Rachel conducted fieldwork in Beirut, investigating how history and past experiences with violence shape current attitudes toward Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Her PhD research focuses on issues of urbanization and sustainability, questioning how material and affective experiences of urbanization in Beirut shape subjectivities. She works with organizations and activists promoting environmental and urban sustainability and advocating for improved urban infrastructures.


Selected Publications

Rosenbaum, Rachel. 2017. "Can the Subaltern Body Speak? Deconstructing the Racial Figures and Discourses of 'Terrorism'." Arizona Anthropologist - Vol 28:

Rosenbaum, Rachel. 2017. "Make Food, Not War: The Role of Food and Intimacy in Spaces of Conflict and Tension in Lebanon – The Case of Souk el Tayeb". Perspectives: Political Analyses and Commentary- Volume 12. Middle East and North Africa:

Rosenbaum, Rachel. 2013. "Finite to Fail, Infinite to Venture: Interactivism and Relational Ethics". Honors Theses. Paper 715:

Courses Taught

Fall 2017: ANTH150A1

Race, Ethnicity, and the American Dream

Discussion Section Lead

Spring 2017: ANTH150B

Many Ways of Being Human: "Globalization"

Discussion Section Lead

Research Interests

feminist anthropology, anthropology and activism, infrastructure studies, political ecology, gender and sexuality, urban anthropology, identities, mobilities, citizenships, youth subjectivities, "post-conflict" spaces.

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Contact Information


B.A. (2013) Anthropology and Global Studies, Colby College

M.A. (2018) Anthropology, University of Arizona