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Paul R. Fish

Selected Publications

In Press Ecological perspectives on persistent places in southern coastal Brazil.  In Footprints on the Landscape: The Historical Ecology of Hunter-Gatherers, edited by Victor Thompson.  University of Florida Press, Gainesville.  Paul Fish, Suzanne Fish, Paulo DeBlasis, and Maria Dulce Gaspar.


In Press  Institutions, irrigation, and Hohokam society.  In Water and Humanity: An Historical Perspective, edited by Fekri Hassan and Vernon Scarborough.  UNESCO History of Water and Civilization Series, Volume 1.  United Nations Press, Paris.  Suzanne Fish and Paul Fish.


In Press  Hohokam society and water management. In Current Issues in North American Archaeology, edited by Timothy Paukatat.  Oxford University Press, Oxford.  S. Fish and P. Fish.


2010  Monumentality and complex hunter-gatherers in southeast coastal Brazil.  In Monumental Questions: Prehistoric Megaliths, Mounds, and Enclosures, edited by David Calado, Maxiliam Baldia, and Matthew Boulanger, pp 231-239.  BAR International Series 2123, London.  S. Fish and P. Fish.


2010  Anthropogenic environments: an Americanist perspective.  The Archaeology of Anthropogenic Environments, edited by Rebecca Dean, pp 380-392.  Southern Illinois University Press, Carbondale.  Paul Fish


2009  La cultura Hohokam del sur de Arizona.  Arqueología Mexicana 97: 39-45.  Paul Fish and S. Fish.           


2005  The Archaeology of Global Change, edited by C. Redman, Paul Fish, and D. Rogers.  Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington, DC.


Courses Taught

Anth 418, 518   Southwest Land and Society

Anth 442a,b,542a,b  Archaeological Field Methods

Areas of Study

Borderlands of the outhern U.S. Southwest and Mexican Northwest

Coastal Brazil

Research Interests

Organization of non-state societies; settlement patterns, traditional agriculture and water management in arid lands; transition to agriculture.

Paul R. Fish's picture

Contact Information

Professor of Anthropology, Curator, Archaeology (Arizona State Museum)
Telephone: 520.621.2556
Fax: 520.612.2876
Office: Arizona State Museum North, Room 209


Ph.D. Arizona State University, 1976

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