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About Nicole M. Mathwich

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Archaeology. Currently, I am researching the introduction of domesticated animals during the mission period in the Pimeria Alta, now Southern Arizona.  I explore the shifting relationships between humans, landscapes, and animals during the colonial period and the implications of those relationships on modern landscapes using zooarchaeology, social networks, stable isotopes, and historical documents.

Selected Publications


Mathwich, Nicole (2016) “Chapter 9: Prehistoric and historical period vertebrate faunal remains of Mission Los Santos Angeles de Guevavi, AZ EE:9:1(ASM), Santa Cruz County, Arizona.” With Contributions by William Martin, Nicolas Alexandre, and Giselle Webb. Archaeology at the Mission of Sorrows: Archaeological Test Excavations at the Guevavi Mission Site, AZ EE:9:1 (ASM), Santa Cruz County, Arizona. Submitted to Tumacacori National Historical Park.

Mathwich, Nicole. (2015) “Book Review of Native and Spanish new worlds: sixteenth–century entradas in the American Southwest and Southeast, ed. Clay Mathers, Jeffrey M. Mitchem, and Charles M. Haeker.” Arizona Anthropologist.

Panich, Lee M., Helga Afaghani, and Nicole Mathwich (2014)Assessing the Diversity of Mission Populations through the Comparison of Native American Residences at Mission Santa Clara de Asís. International Journal of Historical Archaeology.


Mathwich, Nicole (2016), “Fodder and water: Isotope analysis of livestock enamel in Southwest Spanish colonial settlements in the Pimería Alta.” Society for American Archaeology, 81th Annual Meeting, April 6-10, Orlando, FL.

Mathwich, Nicole (2016), “Wild animal use and landscape interpretations at Pimería Alta Spanish colonial sites.” Society for Historical Archaeology Annual Meeting, January 6-10, 2016, Washington, D.C.

Mathwich, Nicole (2016), “Creating the Southwestern rangeland: Archaeological markers of landscape management at Southern Arizona Spanish sites using stable isotopes and faunal analysis.” Society for Ethnobiology 39th Annual Meeting, March 16-19, 2016, Tucson, AZ.

Mathwich, Nicole (2015). "Beyond the Mission Walls: Faunal Analysis of an Alta California Mission Ranchería Feature." Society for American Archaeology 80th Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA. Abstract can be found here.
Mathwich, Nicole (2014). "Ranching in Native Cultural Landscapes: Preliminary Faunal Analysis from Mission Guevavi." Society for American Archaeology 79th Annual Meeting, Austin, TX. Abstract can be found here.
Mathwich, Nicole and Lee Panich (2013). Poster. “Excavations at a Native American Dormitory at Mission Santa Clara, California.” Society for American Archaeology 78th Annual Meeting, Honolulu, HI. Abstract can be found here.
McClelland, John and Nicole Mathwich (2013). “Restoring Wholeness in Practice: Repatriation of Museum Collections.” Museum Association of Arizona’s 31st Annual Meeting, Tucson, AZ.

Courses Taught

ANTH 346: Clovis to Coronado: Archaeology of the Southwest (Instructor) Summer 2015

ANTH 442: Field Training In Archaeology (TA) 2013

ANTH 160: Patterns of Prehistory (TA) 2014

Areas of Study

Spanish colonial California and Arizona


Mission Guevavi Archaeological Field School (2013-Present) Research Assistant

NPS Southwest Missions Travel Itinerary Project, Drachman Institute (2013-2014) Research Assistant

Linking Hispanic Heritage Through Archaeology, Environmental Education Exchange (2013) Intern

Tucson Basin Repatration Project, Arizona State Museum (2012-2014) Research Assistant

Santa Clara University Field School in Historical Archaeology (2012-2015) Teaching Assistant/Contracted Analyst


Research Interests

Historical Archaeology, Zooarchaeology, Mining History, Network Analysis, Landscape Archaeology, Human/Animal Relationships, Institutional Archaeology

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2014 MA University of Arizona, School of Anthropology. 

2012 BS & BA  Santa Clara University, Anthropology and Women and Gender Studies