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Matthew Winter

About Matthew Winter

I consider myself first and foremost as a broadly trained archaeologist of the Mediterranean. Currently, my main research focus is on the Hellenistic and Roman periods in the Eastern Mediterranean. I study architecture, urbanism, and social networks, all of which is guided by a firm grounding in anthropological and archaeological theory.

Strong secondary interests include Etruscan archaeology, archaeometallurgy and ancient technologies. I have worked on archaeological projects in Italy, Jordan, and Israel, spanning from the Bronze Age to the Byzantine period.

Courses Taught

ANTH 160 World Archaeology
JUS 372A History and Archaeology of Iron Age Israel
JUS 372B History and Archaeology of Second Temple Period Israel
ANTH 170 Human Variation in the Modern World (TA)
ANTH 324 The Human Machine (TA)
ANTH 160 Human Origins (TA)
ANTH 150 Global Inequality (TA)

Areas of Study

Near East
Classical Mediterranean

Research Interests

Archaeology and anthropology of religion and identity; architecture; quantitative modeling in archaeology; archaeological and anthropological theory; prehistoric and historic Mediterranean and Eurasian cultures; ancient technology; archaeometry

Matthew Winter's picture

Dissertation Title

Navigating the Built Environment: Architecture and Social Connectedness in the Southern Levant, 200 BCE – 500 CE