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Luis Barros

About Luis Barros

As an international student from Brazil, with an undergraduate degree in economics, I was surprised to find at the University of Arizona a space to explore and engage with other disciplines. I began my graduate career in 2006 at the Center for Latin American Studies and was fortunate to be accepted in 2008 as a PhD student at the School of Anthropology. My major is Sociocultural Anthropology.

Areas of Study

Sociocultural Anthropology and Applied Anthropology (e.g. Economic Anthropolgy and Political Anthropology).


Research Interests

During my M.A. in Latin American Studies I did research in Ceará (Northeastern Brazil ) through the BARA Latin America Cooperatives Project, under the supervision of Dr. Marcela Vásquez-León and Dr. Timothy Finan. The research focused on two fishing cooperatives, which are part of a state-wide strategy of development of remote rural communities of the semi-arid backlands. From a theoretical perspective, my work was primarily influenced Marxism, political economy, and economic anthropology. Recently, however, I have moved towards an analysis human adaptation to climate change, by looking at issues of drought planning and water resources in the Southwest.


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Contact Information

Telephone: 520-248-4103