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Hi there. I'm Lindsey, and I am in the process of receiving my PhD in sociocultural anthropology, with a minor in history and social memory. I received my MA in sociocultural anthropology in May of 2013 here at the U of A. 

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My dissertation topic questions the role of labor in the prison rehabilitative process. In order to understand the extent to which prison work programs offer meaningful activity while incarcerated as well as the potential for decreased recidivism upon release, it is necessary to examine how prison labor impacts the construction of masculine identity, the role of risk behavior in everyday life, and the affective meanings of work for the individuals incarcerated. The case study for this dissertation will be the highly skilled inmate wildfire fighting program of Arizona. This program offers a paradox which mirrors many skilled prison labor programs in the United States - the pay is negiligible and the chances of following this career on the outside are small, yet the actual daily work holds important meaning for the individuals performing it. Therefore, in order to understand the potential impact of this skilled prison labor program on the individuals who internalize its ideals and enact its daily demands, I will look beyond material gain and to the intimately embodied meanings of risky work of the fireline. This dissertation project will shed light on the increased use of incarcerated individuals for myriad forms of labor in the U.S., and will speak to the broader debate on the connection between work and rehabilitation in the carceral age.






Selected Publications

New Adventures in Tandem Ethnography, in: Southern Spaces: An interdisciplinary journal about regions, places, and cultures of the U.S. South and their global connections. October 2013.

Research Interests

Anthropology of Work, Prison and prison re-entry, Arizona, Masculinity, Risk, Embodiment

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MA, University of Arizona, May 2013

BA, University of Arizona, December 2008