Lindsay M. Montgomery

About Lindsay M. Montgomery

Lindsay Montgomery is a anthropological archaeologists whose work focuses on the material practices of nomadic groups during the Spanish colonial period. Her research employs a collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach, which brings together archaeological, archival, and ethnographic sources to understand the social, political, and economic practices of mobile groups.  Her dotcoral dissertation examined Ute, Apache, and Comanche sites and rock art in the northern Rio Grande region of New Mexico. Her current research explores nomadic perceptions of the landscape as well as the historical relationship between nomads and sedentary populations.

Selected Publications

2017  When the Mountain People Came to Taos: Ute Archaeology in the northern Rio Grande. In Spirit Lands of the Eagle and Bear: Numic Archaeology and Ethnohistory in the American West, edited by Robert Brunswig and David Hill. University of  Colorado Press, Boulder. 

2017 Comanche New Mexico. In Transformation during the Colonial Era: Divergent Histories in the American Southwest, edited by John Douglas and MIchael W. Graves. University Press of Colorado, Boulder. (co-authored with Severin Folwes, Jimmy Arterberry, and Heather Atherton). 

Courses Taught

ANTH 595. Professional Skills and Ethics

ANTH 636: Foundations of Archaeological Interpretation

ANTH 385. Fight the Power!

ANTH 160. Patterns in Prehistory


Areas of Study

American Southwest & Southern Plains

Research Interests

Historical archaeology, Colonialism, Nomadism, Cultural landscapes, Ethnohistory, Iindigenous philosophy

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Contact Information

Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Telephone: 520-621-5109
Office: Haury Building, 408D
Office Hours: Wednesday, 10-12


Ph.D., Stanford University 

B.A., Barnard College (Columbia University)