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About Linda R. Waugh

Linda R. Waugh is professor in the Departments of French & Italian and English at the University of Arizona, and an affiliate of the Departments of Linguistics, Anthropology, and Language, Reading and Culture.

She is currently Chair of the Graduate Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT).

She has her B.A. degree in French Literature, Magna cum laude from Jackson College/Tufts University, M.A. in French Literature from Stanford University, and Ph. D. in Linguistics from Indiana University.

She is past president of the Semiotic Society of America, and is currently Executive Director of the Roman Jakobson Intellectual Trust.

Before coming to the University of Arizona in 2000, she taught at Cornell University for many years and while at Cornell was Chair of the Department of Modern Languages.

She is both a French linguist and a general linguist, as well as a semiotician. Her main interests are in the function of linguistic structures (of all types), in the discourse-pragmatics of language, in written textual analysis (including journalistic and narrative texts), spoken discourse analysis (she has supervised the gathering of corpora for spoken French and American English), corpus linguistics, applied linguistics, grammatical and lexical semantics, history of linguistics, semiotics, and in the way language is integrated with other socio-cultural (semiotic) systems by which humans communicate and make sense of our world.

Much of her data for research in these areas is centered on French, although she has worked on English as well. She has directed dissertations on many different languages of Europe, East, Southeast and South Asia, North Africa, the Americas, and the Pacific.

Research Interests

French linguistics, discourse, and textual analysis, pragmatics, grammatical and lexical semantics, language and literature, history of linguistics, and semiotics.

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Contact Information

Professor of Anthropology, Professor (French & Italian, and English), Chair (SLAT)
Telephone: 520.621.3759
Fax: 520.621.8022
Office: Modern Language Building, Room 558


Ph.D. Indiana University 1970

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