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Leslie Aragon

About Leslie Aragon

I am an archaeology Ph.D. student, originally from Phoenix, AZ, where I completed my BA in Anthropology at ASU in 2009. I received my MA degree in Anthropology (Applied Archaeology) from the University of Arizona in 2013 with a thesis that explored the use of an ontological approach to the archaeological record, specifically looking at Hohokam anthropomorphic figurines from the Phoenix Basin. For my dissertation, I have shifted my focus to the study of Hohokam social structure in the pre-Hispanic Salt River Valley. I will use formal network approaches to study relationships within and between Hohokam irrigation communities and how those relationships may have changed over the course of time from A.D. 450 to 1450. I currently work on the Chaco Social Networks Project with Dr. Barbara Mills and on the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument trails project with Dr. T. J. Ferguson. In addition, I am the current field director for the joint UA and Archaeology Southwest Upper Gila Preservation Archaeology field school.


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