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About Kirk Astroth

Having grown up in Utah, I spent a lot of time in southern Utah hiking into slot canyons to see ancient habitation sites and rock art. I am fascinated with southwest archaeology and hope to contribute to our knowledge of the cultures that lived here before European contact. While I have pursued some other interests over time, I realized that I have missed my calling and have returned to school to earn a degree in applied archaeology. I have done volunteer work with Archaeology Southwest, currently work in the Arizona State Museum Repository as a volunteer, and doing an internship at the Laboratory of Tree Ring Research. I am a board member with the Arizona Archaeological & Historical Society, and serve on the Tucson Festival of Books Author Committee with responsibilities for recruiting science authors. Finally, I am a professional mountain bike guide and am a board member with the Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclisits.

Research Interests

Petroglyphs, pictographs, bell rock, Southwest archaeology.

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Contact Information

Telephone: 5203435855


BA--University of Denver--Political Science

MA--Columbia University of New York--Political Science

MS--Utah State University--Range Science

Ed.D.--Montana State University--Adult Education and Higher Education Administration