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Evan Giomi

About Evan Giomi

I am an archaeology PhD candidate. I earned my BA in Anthropology from New College of Florida in 2013, and my MA in Archaeology at the University of Arizona in 2015. My Masters thesis examined possible interregional connections between the Pueblos of the Rio Abajo and those located in other regions of New Mexico. My dissertation expands on this research, and I will evaluate the impact of coalescence during the Pueblo IV period (A.D.1300-1598) on the unfolding of the early, Spanish colonial encounter (A.D.1598-1680) in New Mexico. I will use Social Network Analysis and provenance analysis of ceramics to understand continuity and change in interregional relationships across the "pre-history"/"history" divide in New Mexico. I have also conducted research on Chaco Canyon, using social network analysis and other quantitative methods to understand the distribution of ceramics across the Chaco World and to evaluate ritual behavior at Pueblo Bonito. I am currently a research assistant on the cyberSW project with Dr. Barbara J. Mills, and I have previously worked for Dr. Mills on the Chaco Social Networks projects. I have also worked as staff for the joint UA and Archaeology Southwest Upper Gila Preservation Archaeology Field School, as Survey Director from 2016-2017, and as excavation Crew Chief in 2018. 

Research Interests

Pueblo Archaeology, Chaco Canyon, Eastern Pueblos, Spanish Colonial New Mexico, Colonialism, Historical Archaeology, Post-Colonial Archaeology, Ceramic Analysis, Social Network Analysis, Archaeological Sourcing.

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Contact Information

Graduate Associate


MA in Anthropology (Archaeology). School of Anthropology, The University of Arizona. 2015. Thesis: Origins of Seventeenth Century Pueblo Factionalism and Cooperation

BA in Anthropology (Archaeology). New College of Florida. 2013. Thesis: Leaving the Homeland on La Jornada del Muerto: The Archaeology of Tiffany Pueblo