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I am an international doctoral student from Chile, majoring in Archaeology with a minor in Geosciences. My research examines the political and economic processes during the Late Intermediate and Inka period (ca. A.D. 900-1530) in the circumpuna area (northern Chile, southwestern Bolivia, and northwestern Argentina). I am particularly interested in understanding how the Inka expansion interfered in craft production practices and organization and how the Inkas took advantage of local craft production for the reproduction of the state political and economic power. For this purpose, my work focuses on ceramic analyses with a strong emphasis on archaeometric methods to understand technological style, production organization, specialization, and long-distance exchange.

Areas of Study

South-central Andes (Chile, Argentina, Bolivia)

Research Interests

South-central Andean archaeology; ceramic technology; craft organization; interregional interaction; political economy; ceramic analyses; archaeological Science; archaeological conservation. 


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MA in Anthropology. University of Arizona (2012)

Licenciatura in Art and Conservation. Universidad Católica de Chile (2007)