Erana Jae Loveless

About Erana Jae Loveless

Major: Archaeology

Minor: Ecological anthropology

Area of Study: Northern Australia, Montana, and the Canadian Rocky Mountains

Method: Pyrodendrochronology, GIS, Archaeology, Ethnography

Laboratories: Fire and Restoration Ecology Laboratory and the Laboratory for Traditional Technology

With the sweeping decimation of bison and native American populations in the 1800s, did fire regimes change at the forest-grassland boundaries?  I am investigating how small-scale landscape patches once produced by bison and indigenous burning may have given way to a more homogenous landscape more prone to large-scale, high-intensity fires.
My other interests include remote sensing, hunter-gatherers, trophic cascades, pyric herbivory, pyrodendrochronology, problems of time and perspective in ecological anthropology, shifting baselines, and other human-animal-fire relationships.


Historical ecology, fire ecology, dendrochronology, fire scars, hunter-gatherers, problems of time and perspective in ecological anthropology, shifting baselines, coupled socio-ecological systems, human-animal relationships, secondary adaptations (reactive foraging), paleoclimatology. Bridging archaeology with the ethnographic and ecological present; applied anthropology.

Selected Publications

Paper Presentations

     Loveless, Erana Jae

2015  The Invisibility of Reactive Foragers and its Implications for Traditional Ecological Knowledge. Paper presentation. Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting, San Francisco, April 18, 2015.

2014  Colonialism and the Return to Nomadic Hunting and Gathering: the Awá-Guajá of East Amazonian Brazil.  Paper Presentation, SfAA Annual Meeting, Albequerque. March 18-22.

2014  Shifting Baselines Demand a Fusion of Ethnography, History, and Archaeology for Environmental Conservation.  Invited Paper Presentation, Oceans and Deserts Symposium: Charting Transdisciplinary Currents in Environment and Culture within the Arts and Sciences, Tucson.  February 28- March 1.

2013  Ethnoarchaeology Can Be Used for Ecological Conservation Because It Can Detect Shifting Baselines.  Paper Presentation, AAA (American Anthropological Association) Annual Meeting 2013, Chicago.  November 21.

    Nascimento L. A. ; Loveless E. ; Lima F. G. F.

2014  Mudanças dos usos da terra  numa área fronteiriça entre o Parque Nacional da Furna Feia e sua zona de amortecimento. In:  II Encontro Regional de Ecologia. Rio Tinto PB. II Encontro Regional de Ecologia. Rio  Tinto: UFPB, 2014. v. 01. p. 1-4.

Courses Taught

GC 170  Global Change (TA)

ANTH 150B1 Many Ways of Being Human (TA)

ANTH 160A Patterns In Prehistory (TA)

ANTH 160A Patterns In Prehistory Online

ANTH 160D  Origins of Human Diversity (TA)

JPN 245 Japanese Popular Culture

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MA  University of Arizona: East Asian Studies

BA   University of Oregon & Senshū University (Tokyo):  Asian Studies / Japanese