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I attended USC (University of Santiago de Compostela) for my BA and MA in Research in Archaeology, and the University of Reading (United Kingdom) for my second MA in Archaeology. After two years working as a researcher in Santiago de Compostela, and one at ASU as a visiting scholar, with the support of La Caixa Foundation, I was accepted in the Ph.D. Program in Mediterranean Archaeology at the University of Arizona, where I am currently enrolled.

Although now I work mainly in the Eastern Mediterranean, with a special emphasis on Greek archaeology, I have participated in several archaeological researches in different areas of the world, including Galicia (NW of Spain), the Balearic islands, Portugal, Peru and Greece. The geographical diversity of my fieldwork experience is an example of my also diverse research interests. Those include ceramic analysis, GIS and landscape archaeology, agent-based models, ancient languages, archaeological theory and practice or maritime archaeology.

Most of my work now is centred on the analysis of the behavioural chain of Corinthian pottery manufacture during the Archaic period. This study includes technological, functional and social aspects on the production of ceramics, as well as the analysis of the relationship between workshops and maritime trade networks. More information on this and other research lines can be found in the following link:


Selected Publications


RODRÍGUEZ ÁLVAREZ, E., ALFONSO IGLESIAS AMORÍN, BEATRIZ CASTRO DÍAZ and MERCEDES LÓPEZ-MAYÁN. 2011. Historia de Santiago de Compostela. Santiago de Compostela: Vía Láctea.


Book Chapters:

RODRÍGUEZ ÁLVAREZ, E. 2013. Os Petroglifos do Barbanza dende unha Perspectiva Espacial, in RAMÓN FÁBREGAS VALCARCE and CARLOS RODRÍGUEZ RELLÁN (eds.). Os Petroglifos de Porto do Son.

RODRÍGUEZ ÁLVAREZ, E. 2009. O Xacemento da Mourela dende una perspectiva espacial; in FÁBREGAS VALCARCE, R. y BONILLA RODRÍGUEZ, A.; Circulo de Engaños. Santiago de Compostela: Editorial Andavira; pp. 253-256.


Papers and Proceedings:

RODRIGUEZ-ALVAREZ, E. In press. Culture, Kowledge and Reality. V. Gordon Childe and the Postmodern Era. Proceedings of the Theoretical Archaeology Group Symposium, Izmir, Turkey, 9th - 10th of May, 2013.

RODRIGUEZ-ALVAREZ, E. In press. Order from chaos; Athenian urban organization and the Demos of Melite. Proceedings of the 18Th International Congress of Classical Archaeology.

RODRIGUEZ-ALVAREZ, E. In press. Structural designs, stress of materials and repair costs. Some reflections on the repairs of the triereis. Proceedings of the 13th International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology, Amsterdam, 8th – 12th of October, 2012.

RODRIGUEZ-ALVAREZ, E. 2014. Kleon's wall, new perspectives on an old problem. Rosetta 15: 49-65.

COSTA GARCÍA, J. M.; RODRÍGUEZ ÁLVAREZ, E.; VARELA GÓMEZ, D. 2012. Del complejo militar romano al monacato altomedieval: aproximación a las transformaciones del espacio interior galaico entre los siglos I y IX d.C. a partir de los asentamientos de Cidadela (Sobrado dos Monxes, A Coruña). Actas de las III Jornadas de Jóvenes Investigadores de Arqueología. Barcelona: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

FÁBREGAS VALCARCE R.; RODRÍGUEZ RELLÁN C.; RODRÍGUEZ ÁLVAREZ E. 2010. New approaches to the configuration and the spatial distribution of prehistoric rock art in the North of the Barbanza Peninsula (Galicia, NW of Spain). Proceedings of the XV World Congress UISPP (Lisbon, 4-9 September 2006) 41 Conceptualising Space and Place On the role of agency, memory and identity in the construction of space from the Upper Palaeolithic to the Iron Age in Europe edited by Ana M. S. Bettencourt, M. Jesus Sanches, Lara B. Alves and Ramon Fábregas Valcarce .British Archaeological Report. Pp. 133-139.

FÁBREGAS VALCARCE R.; RODRÍGUEZ RELLÁN C.; RODRÍGUEZ ÁLVAREZ E. 2008. Naturaleza y distribución espacial de los grabados rupestres del Norte de la Península do Barbanza (A Coruña). Espacio, tiempo y forma. Serie I, Prehistoria y arqueología. Vol. 1. Pp. 191-208.

RODRÍGUEZ, X.P.; FÁBREGAS, R.; LAZUÉN, T.; de LOMBERA A.; PÉREZ-ALBERTI, A.; PEÑA, J. A.; RODRÍGUEZ, C.; TERRADILLOS, M.; AMEIJENDA, A.; RODRÍGUEZ, E. 2007. Nuevos yacimientos paleolíticos en la depresión de Monforte de Lemos (Lugo, Galicia, España), in Lario, J. & Silva, P.G. (eds.) Contribuciones al estudio del Período Cuaternario. Ávila; AEQUA 121-122.

RODRÍGUEZ ÁLVAREZ E.; RODRÍGUEZ RELLÁN C.; FÁBREGAS VALCARCE R. 2006. Arqueoloxía do Coto Cornellal (Agolada); tránsito e apropiación simbólica dun espazo. Descubrindo. Anuario de Estudios e Investigación do Deza.8: 83-100.


2012- : Researcher, Mount Lykaion Excavation and Survey Project, project of the University of Arizona under the auspices of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens (http://lykaionexcavation.org/).

2010-2011: Program Director of the Summer Field School of Castro de Neixón, Boiro, Spain.

2010-2011: Research Scholar at Arizona State University, funded by La Caixa Fellowship Program.

2006-2012: Member of the research group Grupo de Estudios de la Prehistoria del Noroeste, University of Santiago de Compostela.

Research Interests

Ancient Greece

Eastern Mediterranean

Archaeological Epistemology

Pottery Analysis

Seascapes, Landscapes and GIS

Archaeology of daily life

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2014 - : Jameson fellow, Regular member of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.

2011 – : Ph.D. Student, Mediterranean Program, School of Anthropology. University of Arizona, United States of America. 

2010: MA University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Os Petroglifos de Porto do Son dende unha Perspectiva Espacial.

2008: MA University of Reading, UK. Athenian military Structures during the Classical Period. University of Reading, United Kingdom.

2006: BA in History(or whatever the correct title is) University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain.ajor subjects: Prehistory, Archaeology and Ancient History.