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Eleni Hasaki

About Eleni Hasaki


COVID-19 Reflections (UA News, June 11, 2020)

COVID-19 Reflections (Ancient and Modern Pandemics in Health and Medicine Class)


Eleni Hasaki is a Mediterranean archaeologist with research interests in the craft technologies of the Classical world, especially ceramics, the spatial organization of workshops, craft apprenticeship and social networks of communities of practice. Her publications focus on ceramic production centers from ancient Greece, their forming and firing technologies, experimental projects of Bronze Age Aegean ceramics, as well as on identity of artisans as seen in visual representations. She co-directs of the Laboratory for Traditional Technology where she supervises experimental archaeology projects. Currently she is working on a monograph with sculptor Alan LeQuire on the documentation of the 1:1 scale replica of the colossal statue of Athena Parthenos (once standing in the Athenian Parthenon) at the Nashville Parthenon. This experimental project highlights the bridging of ancient and modern technologies and the critical importance of community engagement.

Her on-going research projects include:

The Social Networks of the Athenian Potters. An NEH-funded project (Digital Humanities Advancement Project).  In this collaborative project with George Washington University and the University of Oxford, UK, Hasaki focuses on modelling communities of practice in ancient contexts. The project has further been supported with fellowships from the National Gallery of Art, Center for Advanced Stu dy in the Visual Arts and the Harvard University, Center for Hellenic Studies.

WebAtlas of Ceramic Kilns in Ancient Greece, where she directs a searchable database for ceramic production in ancient Greece covering five millennia.

Communities of Practice in Transition: The Ethnoarchaeological Project in Moknine (Tunisia) where she documents the technological, social, and economic factors involved in a massive relocation of an old potters' quarter in a new location. 

She teaches a large range of undergraduate and graduate courses on Classical art and archaeology, ancient technology, ceramics, health and medicine in ancient Mediterranean. A recent series of students' assigmentments in Hasaki's course comparing ancient pandemics to COVID-19 highlight the relevance of antiquity to nowadays.

Hasaki works closely with the Honors College as Honors Professor, Flinn Scholar Mentor, and Faculty Fellow. In terms of global engagement for students she has directed the ASCSA Summer Session, Summer Seminar, and  has established the Arizona in the Aegean Summer Study Abroad program in the Cyclades (Greece). For 2014-2018 she was the Director of Undergraduate Studies at the School of Anthropology. She has served as the President of the Tucson Society of the Archaeological Institute of America, and as the Vice-President of the Hellenic Cultural Foundation.

Professor Hasaki is the Graduate Advisor for the Classical Archaeology Emphasis in the Classics MA program at the University of Arizona. She welcomes inquiries by prospective graduate students with similar interests (pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Anthropology at the School of Anthropology or an M.A. degree at the Classics Department) at

Selected Publications


For a full list of publications, see Eleni Hasaki's Academia Profile

Web. The WebAtlas of the Ancient Greek Kilns

2021 Potters at Work at Ancient Corinth: Industry, Religion, and the Penteskouphia Pinakes, Hesperia Supplement 51: American School of Classical Studies at Athens: Princeton, N.J. (Publication date: Winter 2021)

2020. Hasaki, E. and M. Bentz (eds.), Reconstructing Scales of Production in the Ancient Greek World: Producers,    Processes, Products, People. Panel Proceedings in the XIX Conference of Classical Archaeology, Bonn Archaeology and Economy in the Ancient World, Heidelberg

2020. Social Network Analysis and Connoisseurship in the Study of Athenian Potters' Communities.   In E. Hasaki and M. Bentz (eds), Reconstructing Scales of Production in the Ancient Greek World: Producers, Processes, Products, People. Proceedings of the XIX Conference of Classical Archaeology, Archaeology and Economy in the Ancient World, Bonn 2226 May 2018, Heidelberg, 59-80 (with D. H. Cline)

2020.  The WebAtlas of Ceramic Kilns in Ancient Greece: A Research Gateway to the Study of Hellenistic Ceramic Workshops. In S. Drougou (ed.), Pottery Workshops, Craftsmen and Workshops, Athens, 280–312 (with parallel Greek translation as “Ο διαδικτυακός άτλας των κεραμικών κλιβάνων της αρχαίας Ελλάδας. Ενα εργαλείο έρευνας για τα ελληνιστικά κεραμικά εργαστήρια”

2019. The Connected World of Athenian Potters: Connoisseurship, Collaborations, and Social Networks, Harvard Research Bulletin 7 (with D. H. Cline)

2019. Potters and their Wheels in Ancient Greece: Skills and Secrets in Communities of Practice. M Denti and M. Villette (eds.) Archéologie des espaces artisanaux. Fouiller et comprendre les gestes des potiers, Rennes, 297–314

2018. Craft Apprenticeship, Social Networks, and Communities of Practice in Ancient Greece, Center 38, 116–119

2018. Terracotta Statues from Ayia Irini Kea: An Experimental Replication. E. Angliker and J. Tully (eds.) Cycladic  Archaeology: New Approaches and Discoveries, Oxford, 3–26 (with R. Delozier)

2017. Ship Iconography on the Penteskouphia Pinakes from Archaic Corinth (Greece). Pottery Industry and Maritime Trade. J. Gawronski, A. van Holk, J. Schokkenbroek (eds.), Proceedings of the13th International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology (ISBSA 13), Amsterdam, 66–72 (with Y. Nakas)

2017. The Early Roman Pottery Workshop, the Classical House, and Geometric Burials at Skiadas Plot, Paroikia, Paros. Archaeologikon Deltion – Meletes 67–68 (2012–2013): 459–482 (with Y. Kourayos)

2016. Roman and Byzantine Ceramic Kilns in Greece (1st-15th c.) Continuities and Changes in Kiln Typology and Spatial Organization of Production. In. N. Cucuzza, B.M. Giannattasio and S. Pallecchi (eds), Archeologia delle produzioni ceramiche nel mondo antico: spazi, prodotti, strumenti e tecniche,  Ariccia,  209–229 (with C. Raptis)


Conference Papers (selection)

2020.  The Social Networks of Athenian Potters (SNAP) Project: Modelling Communities of Artists. AIA Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C. January (with D.H. Cline)

2019. Potters at Work and Potters in Distress on the Penteskouphia Pinakes from Archaic Corinth. AIA Annual Meeting, San Diego, January

2018. The WebAtlas of Ceramic Kilns in Ancient Greece: Its Contribution to Medieval Ceramic Studies. XII Congress AIECM3 on Medieval and Modern Period Mediterranean Ceramics, Athens Greece, October (with K. Raptis)

2018. Beazley’s Connoisseurship-based Athenian Kerameikoi: A Social-Network Analysis, 19th International Congress of Classical Archaeology, Bonn Germany, May (with D.H. Cline)

2018. The Bronze Age Terracotta Statues from Ayia Irini, Kea and Their Costumes, AIA Annual Meeting, Boston, January (with B. Jones)

2017. Pottery of the Early Polis: Despotiko and Paros. Parian and Cycladic Pottery of the Geometric and Archaic Periods: New Archaeological Records and Research Perspectives on Production, Functions, and Diffusion, July 8-9 2017, Paros, Greece (with R. Sutton and Y. Kourayos)

2017. Space, Workforce, and Scale of Production: Ethnoarchaeological Approaches to Craft Workshops in Ancient Mediterranean, SAA Annual Meetings, Vancouver, Canada, April

2016. Craft Apprenticeship and Multi-Craft Competencies, The Maker’s Share in Ancient Greek Art, Classical Art Research Center, Oxford University, UK, September

MEDIA OUTREACH: Click here for a complete list of news clippings on Hasaki's research, teaching and outreach

Courses Taught

Courses are cross-listed with Anthropology,  Classics, and Art History; additional crosslistings are noted

Graduate: Experimental Archaeology; Ceramic Studies in the Classical World;   Labor and Society in Ancient Greece; Proseminar to Classical Methods

Undergraduate/Graduate: Ancient Greek Technology; Critical Debates from the Classical World; Greek Pottery: Craft and Society in Ancient Greece

Undergraduate:  Health and Medicine in Classical Antiquity (crosslisted with ANTH/CLAS/RELI/HIST/CHS/HSP);  Classical Art and Archaeology (Greece)


Areas of Study

Greece (mainland, Cyclades) and Eastern Mediterranean

North Africa (Tunisia)



DIrector, WebAtlas of Ceramic Kilns in Ancient Greece

Co-Director, SNAP: Social Networks of Athenian Potters (with Diane Harris-Cline, George Washington University)

Director, Experimental Replica of an Ancient Greek Kiln, Tucson, AZ

Director, Moknine Ethnoarchaeological Project (Tunisia)

Despotiko Excavations, Paros, Cyclades (Ceramic Analysis)

Roman Pottery Workshop, Paros, Cyclades


Research Interests

Craft Apprenticeship and Communities of Practice

Ceramic Technology

Experimental Archaeology and  Ethnoarchaeology

Spatial Economics of Ceramic Workshops in Ancient and Modern Mediterranean

Archaeology of the Greek and Roman Worlds


Eleni Hasaki's picture

Contact Information

Associate Professor of Anthropology and Classics; Co-director, Laboratory for Traditional Technology
Fax: 520.621.8516
Office: Haury 314A
Office Hours: Thursdays 11:00a,-noon


Ph.D. in Classics and Classical Archaeology, University of Cincinnati
M.A. in Classics and Classical Archaeology, University of Cincinnati
B.A. in Archaeology and Art History, University of Athens, Greece (summa cum laude)


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