E. Charles Adams

About E. Charles Adams

Curator of Archaeology, Arizona State Museum.
Director of Homolovi Research Program.

Director, Rock Art Ranch Fieldschool

Selected Publications

1991  The Origin and Development of the Pueblo Katsina Cult. University of Arizona Press, Tucson.

---- and Kelley Ann Hays, editors

1991    Homol'ovi II: Archaeology of an Ancestral Hopi Village, Arizona. Anthropological Papers 55. The University of Arizona. Press, Tucson.

1996    River of Change: Prehistory of the Middle Little Colorado River Valley. Archaeological Series 185, Arizona State Museum, University of Arizona, Tucson.
Walker, William H., Vincent M. LaMotta, and E. Charles Adams

2000    Katsinas and Kiva Abandonment: A Deposit-Oriented Perspective on Religion in Southwest Prehistory.  In The Archaeology of Regional Interaction: Religion, Warfare, and Exchange Across the American Southwest and Beyond, edited by Michelle Hegmon, pp. 341-360. University Press of Colorado.

2001   Homol'ovi III: A Pueblo Hamlet in the Middle Little Colorado River Valley, Northeastern Arizona. Arizona State Museum Archaeological Series 193. University of Arizona, Tucson.
2002   Homol'ovi: An Ancient Hopi Settlement Cluster, University of Arizona Press, Tucson.
---- and Charla Hedberg
2002   Driftwood Use at Homol'ovi and Implications for Interpreting the Archaeological Record. Kiva 67:363-384.
---- and Andrew I. Duff, eds.
2004   The Protohistoric Pueblo World: A.D. 1275 to 1600. University of Arizona Press, Tucson.
---- and Vincent M. LaMotta
2006    New Perspectives on an Ancient Religion: Katsina Ritual and the Archaeological Record. In Religion in the Prehispanic Southwest, edited by Christine S. VanPool and Todd VanPool, pp. 53-66. AltaMira Press.
Bernardini, Wesley, and E. Charles Adams
2014    Hopi History Prior to 1600. In The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of the American Southwest, edited by Barbara J. Mills and Severin Fowles. Oxford University Press, NY.

Courses Taught

Anth 447/547  Pueblo Archaeology (with Jeff Dean)

Anth 418/518  Southwest Land, Culture, and Society (Core Course for this minor) with Michael Brescia

Anth 455A&B/555A7B  Rock Art Ranch Fieldschool

Areas of Study

U.S. Southwest


Director, Rock Art Ranch Fieldschool, near Winslow, AZ. Student traiing in archaeological survey and excavation. June 2-July 4, 2014. Analysis of material culture from survey and excavations of sites and landscapes occupied from 6000 BCE to 1250 CE.

Director, Homol'ovi Research Program, Arizona State Museum. Analysis of ancestral Hopi material culture excavated from six pueblos along the Little Colorado River in the vicinity of Winslow, AZ from 1984-2006.

Curator of Archaeology, Arizona State Museum, co-curator for core exhibit to open in 2018.


Research Interests

Effects of aggregation and migration on prehistoric and protohistoric agricultural societies in the U.S. Southwest

Social and ritual organization of Pueblo groups in the U.S. Southwest

Ethnoarchaeology, pre-contact and early contact period in U.S. Southwest

Hopi Indians

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Contact Information

Professor of Anthropology, Curator, Archaeology (ASM)
Telephone: 520.621.2093
Fax: 520.621.2976
Office: Arizona State Museum North, Room 219
Office Hours: By Appointment


Ph.D. University of Colorado, 1975.


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