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Danielle Phelps

About Danielle Phelps

Danielle Phelps is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in the Mediterranean Archaeology Program in the School of Anthropology. She received her M.A. in Art History with a focus in Ancient Egyptian Art and Archaeology from the University of Memphis in 2009. Her M.A. thesis focused on an art histoical approach to understanding landscape representation in ancient Egyptian art, especially from a religious structure. Her interests include oestology, mortuary practices, geographic information systems (GIS), religion and ritual and identifying them in the archaeolgoical record, and the culture and civlization of ancient Egypt. Danielle is currently focusing on mortuary practices of the 18th Dynasty in Thebes, Luxor, Egypt.  She is also the co-editor for the Arizona Anthropologist graduate student run journal.

Areas of Study

Mediterrean Area- Greece, Italy, Near East

Egypt-- West Bank of modern Luxor

Sonora, Mexico-Early Agricultural Period


Research Interests

Danielle has a wide range of archaeological interests in the Mediterranean area, although her primary focus has been ancient Egypt and its interconnections with the rest of the Mediterraean world during the Bronze and Iron Ages. Her current research involves mortuary practices and patterns found throughout  Egyptian history. Her other research interests include the application and utilization of GIS and remote sensing techniques to archaeological questions, osteology, geology, and the use of the landscape by past civlizations.  


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Contact Information


MA (2009)- in Art History with an emphasis in Ancient Egyptian Art and Archaeology from the Univeristy of Memphis

BA (2005)- in Anthropology and Classics from the University of Arizona