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I'm currently in my second year of the PhD program in Sociocultural Anthropology. I am a Research Associate with the Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology (BARA), and work in partnership with the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona to gather information about creative solutions to food insecurity in the region. I also conduct research in rural New Zealand that explores the connections between environmental transformation, socio-economic marginalization and climate change, and draws upon political ecology and environmental justice. My other research interests range from the ethnobotany of seeds and trees, to collaborative natural resource management, and from biodiversity conservation to local and regional food systems.

Selected Publications

Johnson, D. (2011) “Saving Seed, Saving Ourselves. An investigation into the meaning of biodiversity at the Irish Seed Savers Association.” Irish Journal of Anthropology 14 (2) 33-­38.


Johnson, D. (2011/12) “Corporeal Connections: How photography can unite humans with the environment.”

PROA: Revista de Antropologia e Arte 3 (1)

http://www.revistaproa.com.br/03/?page_id=779 (online journal)


Courses Taught

Anth 150B Many Ways of Being Human (Teaching Associate August - December 2016)

Areas of Study

Sociocultural Anthropology

Applied Anthropology

Global Change (PhD Minor)


Research Associate, Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology. Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona ethnographies (August 2015 - present)

Research Assistant, Southwest Center. Informal food economies in Tucson, Arizona (January 2017-present)

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Contact Information

Graduate Research Associate


MA (Hons) Social Anthropology

University of St Andrews, Scotland 2009