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Dana Osborne

About Dana Osborne

Postdoctoral Researcher at the Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology

PhD, May 2015.

Selected Publications

Osborne, Dana. (in preparation).  The Phatic Role of the Mother Tongue in Classroom Interactions: Insights from the Philippines. tbd.

Osborne, Dana. (in preparation). Referential Promiscuity among L1 Ilocano Speakers. tbd.

Osborne, Dana.  (in preparation).  Nosebleedakon!: Practices of Metalinguistic Commentary in the Philippines.  tbd.

Osborne, Dana. 2015. Notes from the Field: On Illness and Interpellation in the Philippine Field. Arizona Anthropologist 24: 19-27.   

Mendoza-Denton, Norma and Dana Osborne. 2010. Bilingualism: Two Languages, Two Identities? Language and Identities, Carmen Llamas and Dominic Watt (eds.), Edinburgh University Press, 113-122.  

Osborne, Dana M. 2009. Echando Carrilla: Stance and Social Regulation through Joking. Crossroads of Language, Interaction and Culture 14(6): 49-64.

Courses Taught

Race, Ethnicity, and the American Dream [Dr. Dana Osborne]

            Fall 2015 -- 150 students

Anthropology of Schooling [Dr. Thérèse de Vet, Anthropology]

             Spring 2015; Spring 2014

Race, Ethnicity, and the American Dream [Dr. Maisa Taha, Anthropology]

             Fall 2014

History of Cinema [Dr. David Soren, Classics]

             Spring 2012; Spring 2011

Race, Ethnicity, and the American Dream [Dr. Jennifer Roth-Gordon, Anthropology]

            Fall 2010; Spring 2009; Fall 2009; Fall 2007

Gender and Language [Dr. Qing Zhang, Anthropology]

            Spring 2010

Race and Language [Dr. Jennifer Roth-Gordon, Anthropology]

            Spring 2010

Individuals and Societies [Dr. Jane Hill, Anthropology]

            Fall 2008

The Nature of Language [Dr. Jane Hill, Anthropology]

            Spring 2008

Areas of Study

Southeast Asia (Philippines)

Los Angeles


Graduate Research Assistant (Seed Library Project). Dr. Diane Austin. Spring 2012.

Graduate Research Assistant (Hopi Literacy Project). Dr. Diane Austin. Spring 2012, Fall 2011, Summer 2011.

Seed Bank Project 2012, Pima County Library Launch with Dr. Diane Austin, videographer and trainer with BARA.  Launch date: Spring 2012.

Executive Board Member and Grant writer for the Somali-Bantu Association of Tucson Arizona (SBATA); with Mr. Abdi Aden Abdi, Summer 2011- Summer 2012.

Hopi Literacy Project 2011, Digital language learning program developer with Dr. Sheilah Nicholas and Diane Austin with BARA.  Launch date: Summer 2011. 

President-Elect of the University of Arizona School of Anthropology Graduate Organization (AGUA), Fall 2010-Fall 2011.

Graduate Research Assistant (Arizona Englishes Project). Dr. Norma Mendoza-Denton. Spring 2009.

Research Interests

Research foci:

  • language contact and language change

  • multilingualism

  • language documentation

  • spatial conceptualizations between typologically distinct languages

  • multimodal representations of space (speech and gesture)

  • philosophical investigations of time and space

  • semiosis and indexicality

  • applied anthropology

  • community-based participatory research

For my PhD research, I focused language contact and language change in the ethnolinguistic region of Ilocos Sur, Philippines.

For my MA thesis, I worked with a group of second generation Mexican Americans from East Los Angeles who are now in their fifties. I examined the intersection between experience in the world (predicated on conditions in history) in systems of deixis manifested in speech and gesture.


Dana Osborne's picture

Contact Information

Postdoctoral Researcher at the Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology
Telephone: 520-621-6295
Fax: 520-621-2088
Office: Haury 310A
Office Hours: tbd


Dissertation Title: “Negotiating the Hierarchy of Languages in Ilocandia” with Drs. Norma Mendoza-Denton, Jennifer Roth-Gordon, Brian Silverstein, and Heidi Harley – Wenner-Gren Foundation (May 2015).

Ph.D. (Linguistic Anthropology; Cognitive Science, Cultural Anthropology (minors)), University of Arizona, Fall 2015.

Master of Arts (Linguistic Anthropology), University of Arizona, Fall 2009.

Bachelor of Science (Summa Cum Laude in Anthropology), California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Spring 2006.

Bachelor of Arts (minor in Digital Media for the Social Sciences), California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Spring 2006.

Dissertation Title

Negotiating the Hierarchy of Languages in Ilocandia

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