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Christina Newhall

About Christina Newhall

Joint Anthropology and Linguistics (ANLI) PhD Student

Selected Publications

Newhall, C.L. & Gilmore, P. (forthcoming). Keep Talking: A film review. Native American and Indigenous Studies.

Newhall, C. (2016) Mood Marking in Unangam Tunuu. ProQuest, 1-62

Newhall, C. (2015). “That’s So Gay”: Exploring complications of semantic variability with regard to gendered identity terms. Rogue Journal of Undergraduate Research, 86-99.

Newhall, C. (2014). A Case for Cultural Genocide: Taking a closer look at China’s language policy in the TAR. Rogue Journal of Undergraduate Research, 3-16.

Areas of Study

Language ideologies, identity politics, langauge revitalization, languages of Native North America, linguistic typology, morphology and syntax of polysythetic languages 

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Contact Information


M.A. Native American Langauges & Linguistics, University of Arizona (2016)

B.S. Anthropology, Southern Oregon University (2015)

B.A. Humanities, Washington State University (2013)