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I study rural livelihoods, land politics and dispossesion, indigenous epistemologies, oral history and ethnography. I am a SocioCultural PhD student in the School of Anthropology with a PhD Minor in Latin American Studies at the University of Arizona. My work examines rural peoples (campesino and indigenous Guaraní) and large-scale land holders relationships in north-eastern Paraguay. I am carrying out a political economy and ecology examination of the lived and material experiences of land inequality. I seek to understand the ways that rural Paraguayans navigate and create limited opportunities to contest land loss. I also study up to examine how elites (Brasiguayos transnational farmers and Paraguayans) gain and hold land in rural Paraguay. I am particularly interested in how this plays out along differences of class, race, ethnicity, gender and language. 


I recently completed 18 months of field research in Northern Paraguay: 12 months funded by the IAF Grassroots Development Fellowship and 6 months funded by the Fulbright-Hays DDRA and NSF DDRIG. I am currently writing in Santiago, Chile at PUC and was funded as a PEO Scholar. Profile:

Selected Publications

Tusing, Cari. La ética y la alteridad: una reflexión sobre la memoria y el destino de Estados Unidos. Huellas de Estados Unidos / #02 / Febrero 2012; 105-115.

Dozier Award 2015 (SOA Best Single-Authored Paper) La Paradoja Paraguaya: The Paraguayan and Indigenous Guaraní Split

Courses Taught

Anth303: Gender and Language
Teaching and Research Assistantships
GTA: Cultural Anthropology Anth200 Fall 2017 Dr. Janelle Lamoreaux
GRA: Leadership program for young Indigenous Leaders from Latin America, US State Department, UA School of Anthropology and School of Education partnership. Dr. Marcela Vasquez Fall 2014-Fall 2015
GRA. Culture Change and a Way of Life: Intergenerational perspectives among indigenous peoples of rural Alaska. UA Latin American Studies and School of Anthropology. Dr. Linda Green Fall 2014-Spring 2015
GTA: The Many Ways of Being Human. Anth150B Fall 2015 Dr. Thomas K. Park
GTA: Gender and Language Anth303 Spring 2014 Dr. Maisa Taha
GTA: Race, Ethnicity and the American Dream Anth150A Fall 2014 Dr. Maisa Taha


Confluence Center Graduate Fellowship. Proposing Community Participation: Indigenous Grant-Writing Workshops

Indigenous people in the Americas are directly involved in socio-environmental disputes affecting their communities but may lack the training and resources required for their work to make a broader impact. This project addresses this gap by designing and implementing a series of grant-writing workshops for young indigenous Latin American leaders attending the Study of the United States Institute (SUSI) at the UA. Through community mapping and peer-editing activities, the leaders design grants focused on urgent social and environmental issues in their communities. Written and video feedback from their experience lays ground for a grant-writing website to be used as a virtual forum and resource for indigenous grant-writers.

Research Interests

political economy and ecology, historical trauma, political violence, dispossession and land grabbing, indigeneity, everyday life, indigeneity, peasant studies, Latin America, history and anthropology, political ecology, oral history, rural livelihoods, land tenure, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil 

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ABD. SocioCultural Anthropology, PhD minor in Latin American Studies. University of Arizona, Tucson AZ

MA. Historia y Memoria. Universidad Nacional de La Plata, La Plata, Argentina

BA. Anthropology and Hispanic Studies. The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA