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Bryan James Gordon

Selected Publications

(in prep.) Objectification and discourse structure in Siouan grammars (working title). In John P. Boyle & Johannes Helmbrecht (Eds): Comparative Siouan Grammar. Brill.

(pending) Linguist List Review of Dirk Geeraerts, Gitte Kristiansen & Yves Peirsman, Advances in Cognitive Sociolinguistics, de Gruyter.

(pending) Language and social meaning in the bilingual Mexico-US borderlands. In Manuel Díaz Campos (Ed.) Handbook of Hispanic Sociolinguistics. Blackwell. (with Norma Mendoza-Denton)

(2009) Testing predictions of the Givenness Hierarchy framework. Journal of Pragmatics (with Jeanette K. Gundel, Mamadou Bassène, Linda Humnick & Amel Khalfaoui)

(2009) Gendered gestures. Texas Linguistic Forum 53, pp. 62-71. (with Lori Labotka)

(2008) Antitopic and afterthought: Givenness in the grammar in Ponca and Omaha. Kansas Working Papers in Linguistics 30, pp. 74-87.

(2008) Informational constraints on syntax in Ponca and Omaha. Unpub. MA paper, University of Minnesota.

Areas of Study

Panama (Wounaanmeu NOA)
Plains North America (Umó?ho? & Pá?ka OMA, Báxoje & Jíwere IOW)
Israel (Israeli Hebrew HEB)
United States (English ENG)
Western Europe (Limburgish LIM, Dutch NLD, German GER)

Research Interests

Language revitalization and documentation
Network models of paradigmatic structure
Exemplar models of syntagmatic structure
Attention, consciousness and habituation
Social-cognitive semiotics
Acquisition/socialisation of new styles and codes
Style- and code-shifting
Competing standard varieties
Discreteness/gradience of styles/codes within and across individuals
Syntax-information-structure interface
Gender and sexuality

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Contact Information

Telephone: 520.626.5546
Office: Haury 317