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Brandi Bethke is from Sioux Falls, SD where she completed her BA in anthropology, classics, and history at Augustana College. She then went on to receive her MA degree in classical archaeology from the University of Exeter. At the University of Arizona Brandi shifted her focus to the study of interactions between humans, animals, and the landscape among precontact and contemporary peoples in the northern Great Plains of North America. Her dissertation examined the extent to which the adoption of the horse altered landscape uses, bison hunting practices, and worldviews of the Blackfoot during the Contact period in the northwestern Plains of Canada and the U.S. She has conducted field, laboratory, and ethnographic research on projects in Montana, Alberta, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Portugal, Italy, and the UK and is currently the Laboratory Director for the Oklahoma Archeological Survey at the University of Oklahoma. 

Courses Taught

ARC/ANT 110: Buried Cities and Lost Tribes (Pima Community College) 

ARC/ANT 250: Zooarchaeology Lab Methods (Pima Community College)

ANTH/AIS 347: Native Peoples of the Southwest (TA) 

ANTH 160A: Patterns in Prehistory (TA) 

Areas of Study

Northern Great Plains 


Graduate Research Assistant, Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology (BARA) 

St. Mary Bridge Site (24GL204), Glacier National Park, MT

Kutoyis Archaeological Project (KAP), MT 

Ethnographic Overview and Assessment of Native American Resources in the Niobrara Scenic River and Missouri National Recreational River, SD and NE

Santa Susana Archaeological Project, Portugal 

Caladinho Archaeological Project, Portugal



Research Interests

Plains archaeology; Contact period archaeology; human/animal relationships; zooarchaeology; bison hunting; Indigenous responses to Euroamerican colonialism; landscape archaeology; geographic information systems (GIS); pastoralism; cultural resource management; applied anthropology; collaborative research 

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Ph.D. University of Arizona 2016

M.A. University of Exeter, 2011

B.A. Augustana College, 2010