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About Ashleigh Thompson

Aaniin boozhoo. Ashleigh indizhinikaaz. Migizi indoodem.

Hello! I am Ashleigh, a member of the Red Lake Ojibwe. I am a PhD student in anthropology with a concentration in archaeology and a graduate minor in American Indian Studies. My current work is an applied research project that uses ethnographic data to study traditional foodways and food sovereignty of the Ojibwe, which is the basis of MA thesis. 

I am interested in anything Indigenous. Specifically, my research interests include Indigenous archaeology, storytelling and the oral tradition, traditional foodways, health and wellness, and Indigneous-led environmental movements. I love my job as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the University of Arizona American Indian Studies program and am passionate about sharing Indigenous points of view on topics of history, public lands, outdoor recreation, and politics. 

If you are into social media, my Instagram can be found here and my Twitter can be found here, where I share my writing, photography, and outdoor athletic pursuits.

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Areas of Study

Indigenous archaeology; American Indian Studies

Research Interests

Indigenous archaeology; collaborative and applied anthropology; Indigenous food sovereignty; traditional foodways; storytelling.

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Contact Information

Graduate Teaching Assistant and PhD Student


University of Minnesota, Morris BA: Anthropology, American Indian Studies, English, and Multicultural Studies (2014)