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Amy Schott

About Amy Schott

My work uses geoarchaeological approaches to answer questions about landscape evolution and long-term human-environment relationships. I am interested in understanding how people adapt to dynamic landscape environments, including how a changing landscape affects human societies, as well as how people alter their physical landscape. I am especially interested in prehistoric agriculture and land use in the Southwest US/Northwest Mexico. 
My dissertation research is on the Southern Colorado Plateau in Northeastern Arizona, where I am looking at the relationship between Ancestral Pueblo agricultural groups and settlement patterns within an eolian landscape. I am using soil geomorphology, geochronology, micromorphology, soil chemistry, and spatial analyses to understand the quality of eolian soils for agriculture, site formation processes in a dynamic eolian environment, and the long-term use of a marginal landscape by successful agriculturists. 
My previous research included work at La Playa archaeology site in Sonora, Mexico, to understand the site formation processes of an early agricultural site on a fine-grained alluvial floodplain. 

Selected Publications

Schott, Amy M. 2017. "Site Formation Processes and Depositional Environments of a Fine-Grained Alluvial Floodplain at La Playa Archaeology Site, Sonora, Mexico." In Geoarchaeology, 32, 283-301. 

Schott, Amy M. 2016. "Jack Stauder. The Blue and the Green: A Cultural Ecological History of an Arizona Ranching Community." In Human Ecology, 44:5, 645-646. 

Areas of Study

 US Southwest, Northwest Mexico

Research Interests

geoarchaeology, human-environment interaction, landscape evolution, soil geomorphology, prehistoric agriculture, site formation processes

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Contact Information


Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems, University of Arizona, 2016
M.A., Anthropology, University of Arizona, 2012
B.S., Archaeological Studies and Spanish, University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, 2009