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Amy E Clark

Selected Publications

2016. Clark, Amy E. Time and Space in the Middle Paleolithic: Spatial structure and occupation dynamics of seven open air sites. Evolutionary Anthropology 25(3):153-163.

2016. Kuhn, Steven L., Raichlen, David A., and Clark, Amy E. What moves us? How mobility and movement are at the center of human evolution. Evolutionary Anthropology 25(3):86-97.

2015. Kuhn, Steven L. and Clark, Amy E. Artifact densities and assemblage formation in the Paleolithic: evidence from Tabun Cave. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 38:8-16.

2015. Clark, Amy E. Changes in land use and occupation intensity at the onset of the Middle Paleolithic? A view from Tabun Cave, Israel. In Settlement Dynamics of the Middle Paleolithic and Middle Stone Age, volume IV, edited by N. Conard and A. Delagnes, pp. 127-144. Kerns   Verlag, Tübingen.

2014. Shimelmitz, R., Kuhn, S.L., Jelinek, A.J., Ronen, A., Clark, A.E., and Weinstein-Evron, M. ‘Fire at will’: the emergence of habitual fire use 350,000 years ago. Journal of Human Evolution 77:196-203.

2014. Quade, J., Shanying, L.F., Stiner, M.C., Clark, A.E., Mentzer, S.M., and Özbaşaren, M. Radiocarbon dating, mineraology, and isotopic composition of hackberry endocarps from the Neolithic site of Aşıklı Höyük, Central Turkey. Radiocarbon 56 (4): S17-S25.

2014. Kuhn, Steven L. and Clark, Amy E. Stone Tool Technology. In Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology and Anthropology of Hunter Gatherers, edited by Vicki Cummings, Peter Jordan, and Marek Zvelebil, pp. 607-624. The University of Oxford Press, Oxford. 


Areas of Study

NW Africa, Western Europe

Research Interests

Paleolithic archaeology, lithic technology, spatial analysis, hunter-gatherer land use and mobility

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Contact Information

Alumni (Ph.D. 2015)