Summer Session Flyers—Summer 2017

Watch this space for Summer Course flyers! Over the coming weeks, we'll provide links to flyers for SoA course offerings for summer session, 2017 edition. We now have seven courses in the summer session line-up:

  • ANTH 150B1: Many Ways of Being Human. Instructor: William Cotter. Summer Session II
  • ANTH 160 A1: Patterns in Prehistory. Instructor: Luke Kaiser. Summer Pre-session
  • ANTH 303: Gender & Language. Instructor: Jessica Nelson. Summer Pre-session
  • ANTH 307: Ecological Anthropology. Instructor: Amanda Hilton. Summer Pre-session
  • ANTH 334A: Mesoamerican Civilizations: Maya. Instructor: Melissa Burham. Summer II
  • ANTH 347: Native Peoples of the Southwest. Instructor: Evelyn Pickering. Summer Session I
  • ANTH 438A: Women's Health in Global Perspective. Instructor: Will Robertson. Summer Session I