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Please visit SoA COVID-19 Information OR the *NEW* School of Anthropology Phase 5 Research Restart page:

Phase 5 Research Restart Process

Updated May 27, 2021

The University has now moved to Phase 5 of the research restart process, which is “full scope of research with some scale limitations."

In its response to this University decision, School of Anthropology researchers are no longer required to complete the RII and SBS checklists, nor the Coronavirus travel questionnaire, and the Research Committee will cease its restart role. Please consult the University's Research Restart website for updated safety protocols. Please note that domestic and international travel still requires travel authorization as it did pre-pandemic, and travel authorization is managed by the SoA business center. The SOA IRB process remains in place; please see below.

Archived COVID-related research information can be found here.“

Further details and links to policies and resources are on the SBS Research Restart website.


School of Anthropology IRB Instructions

Step 1: If applicable, PI sends IRB Application to their Advisor/Supervisor. 

Step 2: If applicable, the Advisor/Supervisor sends a separate email confirmation back to the PI. 

Step 3: The PI sends Catherine an email with the application and all supplemental materials and, if applicable, the email confirmation from the Advisor/Supervisor. This email confirmation should be saved as a pdf and attached to the email. 

Step 4: Catherine forwards these materials to the Anthropology Human Subjects Committee for the Scientific/Scholarly Review.

Step 5: The Human Subjects Committee corresponds with the PI as needed and ultimately sends a separate confirmation email (including name of applicant and specifying their role as Scientific/Scholarly Reviewer) with their approval back to Catherine.

Step 6: Catherine forwards the application and the two email confirmations, from the Advisor and the Scientific/Scholarly Reviewer, as attachments to the Director.

Step 7: The Director sends a separate email confirmation with their approval directly to the PI.

Step 8: The PI then sends the entire application and all supplemental materials with all three attached email confirmations to the Human Subjects Protection Program Office for final approval.

When submitting your materials to the Anthropology Human Subjects Committee, the e-mail subject line must include:

  • IRB # (if assigned)
  • Principal Investigator’s last name
  • Type of Submission (new project, amendment, renewal, reportable item, etc.)

The body of the e-mail must include a list of the documents being submitted. Each document attached to the e-mail should be named to clearly reflect its content.

Please read this carefully for more information on the process: