Ziya Kaya

PhD Student

About Ziya Kaya

I am a PhD student in sociocultural anthropology, with a minor in geography. I received my BA in Political Science and International Relations  from Marmara University, Turkey and my MA in Comparative Studies in History and Society from Koç University, Turkey. My research interests include digitization of agriculture, agroecology and knowledge, agricultural labor, economization and financialization, and development in Turkey and the Middle East.

Selected Publications

(2021). Pursuing Sustainability through Off-Farm Technology and Expertise? [Review of the book Cultivating knowledge: Biotechnology, sustainability, and the human cost of cotton capitalism in India, by A. Flachs (2019)], Current Anthropology, 62(2), 247-8. https://doi.org/10.1086/713912

(2017). Review of the book And then We Work for God: Rural Sunni Islam in Western Turkey, by Kimberly Hart (2013), Turkish Studies.   http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/14683849.2017.1377076

(2015). Hoşgörü mü, Yahudilik mi? [Tolerance or Jewishness?] [Review of the book Jewish Life in 21st-Century Turkey, The Other Side of Tolerance, by M. Brink-Danan]. Toplum ve Bilim,132, 237-241. 

Courses Taught

Fall 2020 & Summer 2019-2021 Instructor of Record, ANTH/SOC 310 Culture and the Individual (Online)

Spring 2020 & 2021  TA for ANTH 150B 1 Many Ways of Human Being

Fall 2019  TA for ANTH 160 1 World Archaeology

Spring 2019 TA for ANTH 202 Applying Anthropology in a Global Context

Fall 2018 TA for ANTH 150B 1 Many Ways of Being Human

Research Interests

Turkey; Middle East; Rural Social Life, Rural Transformation, Digitization, Financiliazation, Workers and Labor Process