Terry Hunt

Dean, W.A. Franke Honors College

Professor of Anthropology

Dr. Terry Hunt is an archaeologist who works in the Pacific Islands, where he has conducted field research for more than four decades. Among his contributions, his work has revised regional chronologies of human colonization for the eastern Pacific. Over the past 22 years, his focus has been primarily on Rapa Nui (Easter Island), addressing questions of island ecology, human impacts, sustainability, and the evolution of Rapanui society. Dr. Hunt is the author of "The Statues That Walked: Unraveling the Mystery of Easter Island," co-authored with Carl Lipo, detailing Rapa Nui's archaeological history and overturning popular narratives of “collapse." The book won the Society for American Archaeology's Book of the Year award in the public audience category in 2011. Dr. Hunt's research was the focus of a National Geographic magazine cover story in July 2012 and a Nova-National Geographic TV documentary that first aired on PBS in November 2012. Dr. Hunt’s continuing research draws on evolutionary ecological theory to explain cultural change and diversity.